Good health and well-being

Not everyone receives the precious gift of health. SDG3 Good health and well-being aims to fix that; to help the 30 million children still unimmunised against preventable diseases, and to improve poor healthcare systems. At the same time, life expectancy in developed countries is still increasing, uncovering new challenges and responsibilities towards the elderly. And mental health issues are increasingly regarded as an integral part of healthcare.

Reviewing the accessibility and scope of healthcare opens up opportunities for businesses and governments, but demands the highest standards.

Health-related issues are different in different regions – in developed and developing areas – explains master student Tessa Jansen (MSc Supply Chain Management). Here, she outlines the problems encountered in every dimension of healthcare.

Prof. Erik van Raaij gives insights on problems in healthcare in developed economies. As professor of purchasing and supply management in healthcare at RSM, his focus is on the transition to a value-driven healthcare system.

Dr Henk-Jan Aanstoot is co-founder of  Diabeter, a specialized treatment centre for type 1 diabetes which seeks to revolutionise healthcare in the Netherlands. He presents a real-life business case.

RSM intends to incorporate these videos, complemented with assignments and teaching cases, as learning modules into its programmes.

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