Decent work and economic growth

Unemployment is a growing global problem, particularly for young people. How can this be reconciled with the need for workers in new parts of the economy, or for more workers to address targets in the SDGs?

Having a safe and inclusive workplace is essential for economic development as well as for people, yet there are three million work-related accidents every year in the EU.

New RSM graduate André d’Ursel (MSc Finance and Investments 2018) is now a fund administrator, using his financial analytical skills at CACEIS banking group. In this short video he tackles the question of gender imbalance and inclusiveness in the workplace, unemployment, and fair pay.

With roles in the editorial boards of eight academic journals, as a fellow of two research schools, a member of logistics association boards, as a founder of the materials Handling Forum and with three Dutch logistics awards to his name, René de Koster, professor of logistics and operations management at RSM uses his extensive knowledge to discuss the importance of management leadership as an important aspect of workplace safety.

Bart Beeks is executive vice president of logistics and freight management company CEVA Logistics Benelux, which built a business case to strengthen workplace safety management, and won awards for its excellence in this field.

RSM intends to incorporate these videos, complemented with assignments and teaching cases, as learning modules into its programmes.

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