I'm currently following a bachelor at RSM or EUR

I'm currently following a bachelor at RSM or EUR

You may start your MSc at RSM if by the 31st of August 2020:

  • You have obtained a minimum of 162 EC within your bachelor programme.
  • You have a minimum GPA of 6.8 (normally this is 7.0)
  • You have submitted your application on time and meet the general admissions requirements for the programme you're applying for (English & Relevant bachelor content)
  • You have successfully finished all Bachelor year 1 courses 
  • You have successfully completed your bachelor thesis trajectory

You must complete your bachelor’s degree no later than 31 August 2021. You cannot be awarded a master’s degree from RSM until you have completed your bachelor’s degree.

Before submitting you application, make sure you meet our minimum admissions requirements and submit your application on time. 

I have already submitted my application and I meet the above mentioned requirements. What now?

RSM Admissions Office will check the status of the current applicants regularly. However during the peak period of the admissions season (May - June), it may take while before we have evaluated application and can send you the offer of admission.