The Examination Board RSM - MBA consists of a panel of external and Erasmus University faculty advised by the Registrar and the Academic Director. The Examination Board meets at key points during the academic calendar (meetings do not take place during European summer vacation period).

The members of the Examination Board RSM - MBA are (as of March 2022):

Contact Information:

The primary, but not exclusive, functions of the Examination Board are as follows:

  • To review assessments and grades given for the most recent portfolio of courses. Course grades are only final once the Examination Board has ratified them.
  • To consider any objections raised by a student to a decision of the Examination Board.
  • To recommend whether or not a student has met the requirements to graduate.
  • To deliberate on special circumstances, of an individual, group or class-nature, in light of determining overall performance and programme requirements.
  • To recommend and/or endorse any course penalty that has been given. Penalties may include, but are not restricted to, remedial work, a grade point deduction and / or a requirement that a course be repeated.
  • To consider and make recommendations on any perceived assessment or academic standard contradiction.

The Registrar ( will inform the students on the decisions of the Examination Board. The students will have a 2 (two) week period to raise an objection to this decision. The Examination Board will then review the case and, if deemed necessary, may invite the student for a hearing. The Examination Board will inform the student on their decision in writing. Should the students still wish to pursue the issue, they can lodge an appeal with the ‘University Arbitration Board’ dealing with post experience programmes. This should be made within six weeks from the announcement of the decision of the Examination Board. For MBA students, a code of conduct is laid down in the MBA Teaching & Exam Regulations (TER).