• Prof. Dianne Bevelander is Executive Director of the newly created Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations and Professor of Management Education at RSM. Dianne teaches personal leadership development at several business schools internationally. Her primary research interests relate to management education, social network theory and the development of human capital with an emphasis on the career development of professional women. She is also on a number of international educational boards and is constantly included in conferences, keynote speeches and plenary talks. She has an MBA from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a PhD from the University of Lulea in Sweden.

  • Prof. Hanneke Takkenberg is Professor of Management Education focusing on Women in Business at RSM, and is co-executive director of ECWO where she leads research initiatives. An important part of Hanneke’s current work is as part of the European Commission-funded Horizon2020 EQUAL4EUROPE research project that aims to develop and implement Gender Equality Plans in European Universities. She also facilitates within RSM’s Executive Education's Women in Business programmes, ECWO’s Open Masterclasses and RSM’s MBA, with a focus on gender balanced leadership. Hanneke’s work is broadly focused on empowering and connecting women to drive their individual careers forward, as well as achieving gender equality globally through advocacy and world leading research. An active promoter of female leadership, particularly in academic medicine, Hanneke is also a professor of clinical decision-making in cardio-thoracic interventions at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. She founded VENA, the Erasmus MC women's network of academics, in 2007, and has been the chair of the Erasmus University Network for Female Professors (ENVH) board since 2014.

  • Mike Page is a business school academic with a broad background in optimising organisation performance based on all aspects of social and human capital development. He is a professor of finance and management at Bentley University and head of research at ECWO. Mike's international experience spans the globe, with successful engagements and strategic alliances on every continent. Travelling extensively, Mike is an advocate of diversity and inclusion. He possesses a sound theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of finance and management education. Mike has served as vice-president for academic affairs at Bentley University. Prior to joining Bentley in 2008, Page was RSM’s dean of post-experience programmes, and served as the School’s executive director.

  • Wiley Davi is Professor of English and Media Studies at Bentley University, a premier business university near Boston, Mass. In addition to teaching, she is part of Bentley's Executive Education team and Center for Women and Business. She has provided diversity training for faculty and staff across the university and as a consultant to other educational institutions, specifically addressing gender, race, and LGBT issues. Her teaching and research interests span the fields of writing, diversity, gender studies, leadership, and service-learning. She is coauthor of the book  Leading with Uncommon Sense and has published articles and delivered international conference presentations on the intersections of race, gender, leadership and teaching. Wiley’s interest in metacognition and leadership led her to co-design an intensive leadership course in Bentley’s innovative MBA program, which she co-taught for five years. Wiley holds a Ph.D. from Tufts University in Massachusetts.

  • An award-winning corporate anthropologist Dr. Stephenson has been lauded for her ground-breaking work in social network theory, and network
    management. Having forged an innovative approach that integrates the natural sciences (quantum physics and chemistry) with the social sciences
    (anthropology), she has transformed the concept of network analysis. Leading organizations, governments, and public bodies have leveraged her insights into social networks on matters ranging from workplace collaboration and transformation to "hidden intelligence" about terrorist networks to deploying "urban transformation" projects. She has advised J.P. Morgan & Company on mergers and acquisitions, demonstrated how IBM could reengineer its own culture and the culture of its clients, identified the best candidates for leadership succession at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and developed an approach for leading biotech and engineering firms such as Genentech, Amgen and Shell to identify and foster their innovation. With over three decades of experience in teaching network management at UCLA, Harvard and Yale, Dr. Stephenson also conducts executive workshops for the Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus University in conjunction with
    EU and NATO clients.

  • Dr Vassilopoulou is a Senior Lecturer for Leadership and Negotiating at Rotteradam School of Management, Erasmus University for the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations and Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in HRM at Brunel Business School, Brunel University London, UK. Her research focuses on race and gender equality at work, highly skilled migrants, migration, diversity management and talent management, from a critical and international comparative perspective.

    Joana Vassilopoulou has an established academic and professional record in the field of diversity and inclusion, is frequently invited to deliver talks and she has organised and hosted the international Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) conference. She is also collaborating with the European Network against Racism (ENAR), Brussels/Belgium by contributing to events and conferences and planning the conference titled: Beyond the business case for diversity: Using ethnic diversity as a case in point, at Loreal Paris/France.

  • Hetty has a comprehensive background in enhancing corporate and personal performance based on all aspects of human resource development. As part of RSM’s leadership team, she contributed significantly to the School’s growth from a relatively unknown business school to an internationally acclaimed and highly ranked business school. Hetty is a personal, leadership and team coach at RSM as well as various business schools internationally, specifically focusing on personal and career development for women. Travelling extensively, she promotes diversity and inclusion, supporting people in maximising their personal and professional performance.

  • Dorothy Grandia combines experience in politics, theatrical performing, communications training, and coaching/mentoring to bring about personal development in communication and career for professional women in a variety of industries. As Associate Director at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and Faculty of the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations, she has developed and delivered programming  for thousands of post-experience students with specific development goals. In communications workshops for companies, she tailors programming to specific organisational challenges. As cross-cultural coach, she has also helped clients at companies such as Unilever and Heineken understand and develop strategies to bridge communication gaps which arise from cultural difference.

  • Diane Coetzer is ECWO’s senior project manager. With roots in anti-apartheid journalism and a 25-year career as an independent journalist, writer, editor and communications project consultant in South Africa, Diane brings a diversity of experience and skills to her position. At ECWO she is responsible for communications, strategic marketing, events management and relationship management with ECWO’s internal and external stakeholders. Diane is also an ECWO-based communications officer for EQUAL4EUROPE, an EU-funded project which promotes gender equality at research centres and academic institutions from the social science fields. In line with her longstanding commitment to gender equality, Diane is actively working to increasing ECWO’s impact across all areas of the centre’s work including executive education programmes, research and advocacy.

  • Rianne van Reeuwijk is the programme manager for ECWO’s portfolio of leadership programmes. She manages the logistics and organisational aspects of the programmes and ensures that participants have an excellent learning experience. Rianne has previously worked at the MBA Career Development Department and contributed to the growing portfolio of RSM Executive Education Open Programmes. Rianne is inspired by ECWO’s mission to empower women, to drive change in our society.