Coaching at ECWO
Coaching at ECWO Certified coach Hetty Brand-Boswijk
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Are you:

  • ready for a change in your career?
  • interested in starting up your own business?
  • keen to develop a better work-life balance?
  • eager to add new dimensions to your personal development?
  • aware of your personal impact within your organisation?
  • receiving feedback from colleagues or friends that you don’t recognise?
  • looking for a transformation to empower yourself?

If you are asking yourself one or more of these questions, then you will benefit from personal coaching. We believe that everyone has the power within themselves to live a fulfilled life. Coaching can help you to reach your goals – professionally or personally – and helps you acquire the skill set and mindset you need to move forward in your life and career.

You may have a specific goal such as a change in your career for which we will explore your passions, skills and motivators. It could also be something less specific for which we will tread the path of discovery. You and your coach work together to better understand who you are and what values you need to embrace to have a rewarding career and live a fulfilling life.

Our coaches are qualified and highly experienced women who are passionate about assisting you in developing and reaching your full potential. We offer you a unique and honest perspective enabling you to get the best out of yourself and others. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, want to learn about the feasibility of transformation and discover your potentials at home or on the work floor, then contact us for a free consultation.

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to be coached by one of the ECWO coaches. Not only the coaching session, but the coach herself instilled a sense of empowerment in me. Through an open and authentic discussion I was able to challenge my present mind-set barriers that helped awaken a new resolve onto achieving personal growth.

I am grateful to ECWO and my coach for reminding me that the power to exist is in my hands!

With great respect,
Liam Manor