Issues Management & Public Affairs

Issues Management & Public Affairs

This 3-day Master Class introduces you to two closely related disciplines: issues management and public affairs. The term ‘issues management’ refers simultaneously to a perspective on the business-society interface and to a set of concrete management tools. As a perspective, issues management stresses that firms’ long-term societal license to operate critically depends on the way in which it manages the areas of societal contention in which it is drawn due to its business model and strategy implementation. Issues management is by definition a multidisciplinary perspective, as issues tend to impact numerous stakeholders simultaneously, and cannot be managed unless all corporate disciplines cooperate in coordinated fashion. As a set of tools, issues management involves:

(a) tools for environmental scanning and tracing nascent issues;

(b) tools for positioning the corporation’s vis-à-vis issues, stakeholders, and their interests; 

(c) tools for managing issues, such as communication strategies and platform building.

The term ‘public affairs’ refers to departments and routines corporations use to integrate their market and nonmarket environmental management techniques, with a particular emphasis on influencing the public policy process. Within modern companies, public affairs departments are the ones dealing with the political and regulatory issues firms might be confronted with in the context of their business operations. As these policies create both threats and opportunities for firms, it is critical to incorporate this ‘nonmarket’ component into firms’ market strategy.

Core objective
The core objective of this Master Class is to stimulate your learning about these two closely related disciplines.