The Executive Summer Course Corporate Communication

The Executive Summer Course Corporate Communication

The Summer Course presents a different pace of learning. This is the longest elective in the MSc Corporate Communications programme; an intensive five-day experience during which you will practice solving corporate communication issues. You’ll be presented with the latest developments, insights, and models in corporate communication and business administration from our professors, and learn how to use corporate communications to achieve business goals as well as hearing from guest speakers.

Intensive learning, immediate results

After the course, you will be able to put your new knowledge, ideas and insights into practice for the benefit of your organisation and your own career.

You’ll study:

  • trends in reputation management, branding and positioning;
  • organisational identity, stakeholder analysis and strategic management theory;
  • research-based solutions for managing corporate communication;
  • how to apply competitive analysis, academic models and co-ordination mechanisms.          

 We’ll be based in a hotel in Leende, near Eindhoven. Accommodation and all meals are provided.