Faculty members of RSM on the Diploma Programme in Pharmacy Leadership combine impeccable academic credentials with a thorough knowledge of business practice. Selected for their ability and experience in executive teaching, they will draw on their research and knowledge to deliver a unique learning experience.

Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck
Dirk van Dierendonck is a professor of human resource management at RSM. He has extensive experience of teaching HRM topics at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. He is active in translating academic knowledge into practical tools for HR professionals; examples include two recent EU-funded projects about cultural diversity and age management (REDIVE and iHRM). He has written book chapters and more than 70 scholarly articles for major academic journals.

Dr Joost Zuurbier
Joost Zuurbier is a senior consultant and partner at change consultancy Qconsult and visiting faculty at Erasmus University (iBMG and RSM). Zuurbier has hands-on experience in medical care. He has worked on management control, ICT and cost control in large projects in long-term and curative care. He has also published extensively – in both academic and popular media – on financial control and management information within medical institutions. He is the co-author of a handbook on integral management within healthcare.

Dr Hannes Leroy
Hannes Leroy is an assistant professor of human resource management at RSM. He is also affiliated as a research fellow to the ILR School of Cornell University. His areas of expertise include human resource management, leadership and leadership development, mindfulness in organisations and occupational health behaviours of health workers.

Prof. Justin Jansen
Justin Jansen is a professor of corporate entrepreneurship at RSM. He is intrigued by the inability of most organisations to break away from existing routines and processes in order to explore new territories. Jansen has recently been named as one of the most influential scientific minds in the world by Thomson Reuters. His research into strategic leadership, organisational learning and absorptive capacity, organisational ambidexterity and corporate entrepreneurship has been published in prestigious academic journals. Jansen also acts as a consultant and external advisor to a variety of companies and governmental agencies.

Dr Erik van Raaij
Erik van Raaij is an associate professor of purchasing and supply management at RSM. He holds an engineering master in business and a PhD in marketing from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. His work has been published in international academic journals. Van Raaij has received several awards and commendations for teaching excellence. His current research interests include health care procurement, buyer-supplier relationships, electronic procurement, maverick buying, socially responsible purchasing, and global sourcing.

Prof. Rob van Tulder
Rob van Tulder is a professor of business-society management, co-founder of RSM’s Department of Business-Society Management and academic director of the Partnerships Resource Centre. Van Tulder has published extensively on internationalisation strategies, business-society management and sustainability. He has received numerous accolades for his intellectual and societal contributions and advises a number of leading companies, NGOs and national and international governmental organisations.

Arie Booij
Arie Booij is a managing partner at GPP Support. Booij made his mark in financial and management positions before becoming active in the pharmaceutical industry in 2000. He has been in charge of hospital pharmacy change projects to improve process quality and efficiency, organisational and management methods and customer services, and has advised several healthcare institutions on organising pharmaceutical care. In addition, Booij has vast experience in setting up and managing pharmacies for outpatient clinics.

Patrick van Oirschot MSc
Patrick van Oirschot is a managing partner at GPP Support. As an econometrist and a medication distribution consultant, Van Oirschot has reorganised work processes, warehouse organisation, logistics audits and designed medication safety concepts to develop his expertise in safe and efficient medication distribution systems for hospitals and care institutions. His projects focus on the development of new business and change management, for which he devises and implements work processes and new business. His passion is to convince people to embark on the process of change together.

Guest speakers

Hayo Graatsma
Hayo Graatsma is the former chairman of the board of directors of Apotheek Haagse Ziekenhuizen (Hospital Pharmacies in The Hague) and honourary member of NVZA (Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacies).

Matthieu Tjoeng
Matthieu Tjoeng is a hospital pharmacist at St Antonius hospital in Nieuwegein and former chairman of NVZA (Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacies).