Technology and Operations

Learn how to successfully manage information systems and supply chains. RSM’s wide portfolio of management of technology and sustainability programmes for managers and specialists provides you with a deeper understanding of topics, fresh tools and the latest perspectives.

  • Digital Analytics
    This programme provides you with the tools needed to manage the enormity of big data through analytics, and teaches you data management strategies to leverage value-adding opportunities.
  • Digital Strategy
    This programme will help you and your company to take advantage of emerging disruptive technologies (e.g.: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain) threatening to disrupt your industry.
  • Digital Innovation
    Discover what changes you need to make to your business model, how to respond strategically, and discover how to introduce a future-proof and innovation-driven culture in your organisation. 
  • Leadership Challenges with Big Data and Analytics
    Guide you and your organisation in your transformation towards a data-driven company. Learn new ways to apply big data technologies in order to design and implement innovative and successful business applications.
  • Diploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance
    This programme enables professionals and managers in customs and international trade to better understand EU customs laws, auditing, IT, and logistics and supply chain to improve co-operation in international trade.
  • Operations Management
    Learn to deal with your company's operational challenges and opportunities. Find out how your role and management skills can aid the overall success of an organisation through operations and supply chains.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme 
    Complete Lean Six Sigma training complemented with a high level leadership programme designed by RSM. Explore the essence of effective leadership to make Lean Six Sigma work.
  • Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation
    Turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity in your company. Become a better digital transformation advisor in your organisation by applying new knowledge and skills to your business challenge.