Nordic Leadership Expedition

Nordic Leadership Expedition

Stretch your leadership strengths in the wilderness

What are you really made of? Test yourself to your limits – away from the noise of everyday life. This outdoor leadership challenge combined with intensive coaching by leadership experts develops an awareness of your strengths and limitations as a leader. Beyond understanding and experimenting with your leadership capacities, the natural solitude of the landscape and wisdom of the coaches will learn you to take the lead and get better at it.

Learning objectives

During the programme, you will:

  • improve your understanding of the kind of leader you are, and the leader you want to be
  • increase self-awareness via 360° feedback in an intimate setting
  • practice and improve leadership skills you can activate immediately on your return
  • nurture a more varied and authentic leadership style
  • develop inspiring ideas for leadership
  • build strong relations with your peers
  • become more agile under uncertain conditions
  • become a more rounded leader by being a better listener and follower
  • increase your emotional intelligence, leadership skills and confidence.

Key benefits

  • Enter a leadership assessment- and development exercise unlike what you have ever encountered before – encountering very real challenges that test your leadership capacity. You will walk home with a detailed assessment not only of your strengths and weaknesses but will enjoy lengthy conversations with coaches to make sense of these results and relate it to your career and life goals.
  • Learn to use the RSM-leadership compass demonstrated to enhance leadership effectiveness. While using an actual compass to navigate the wilderness, we help leaders navigate leadership challenges with our RSM-leadership nautical compass, based on recent academic and practical insights about what constitutes effective leadership.
  • Enhance your mental and physical health through a seven day intense expedition but also by the personal health coaching you receive from our instructors in preparation for the expedition. The result is an increased personal resilience that help you navigate more easily through the stressors of daily life.

In sum, this expeditions helps you to become a force for positive change, with each participant ending the expedition atop a fjord proclaiming their vision for change in the future. This expedition helps you life up to that vision by giving you the (1) clarity of the vision through self-reflection and personal coaching, (2) the (inter)personal skills to make that vision become reality, and (3) a courage to actually implement the changes, because hey if you just survived an expedition, you have a new perspective on what is scary. 

  • The Nordic Leadership Expedition programme is led by Dr Hannes Leroy.

    Dr Hannes Leroy
    Hannes Leroy is an associate professor at RSM and academic director of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership. His expertise is in authentic and inclusive leadership and how to develop it. His talent is facilitating personal development by bringing people out of their comfort zones. He has published research on dealing with errors in an organisational setting, particularly in hospitals, and how to learn from errors, as well as individual and collective mindfulness and engagement in teams to build effective team performance. He taught at Johnson School of Business, Cornell University, and has a PhD in applied economics and organisational leadership from the University of Leuven in Belgium.

  • On this page you will find practical information about the 7-day programme Nordic Leadership Expedition.


    17 - 24 August 2019 > Apply now


    € 7,000 (excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, lunches, and snacks. This fee does not include hotel accommodation.
    10% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM. More information about the discount.

  • The Nordic Leadership Expedition is an intensive 7-day programme which takes place in the wilderness of Norway.