Finalists 2020

Finalists 2020

Fuusje creates a better environment for hospital patients by designing and selling covers to enliven or hide their intravenous infusion bags. The illustrations, activities and colouring pages have cheered up more than 10,000 children in hospitals across the Netherlands in the last two years. Fuusje plans to come up with new designs for adults, and expand to other counties. It also aims to create new products that will positively contribute to the hospital experience of all patients.

Razrez is a global platform for redirecting all kinds of waste from retailers to make it available for upcycling; for example, expired marketing banners, surplus production, and unsold stock. Retailers can put such waste materials up for sale to be upcycled, and creators buy it to make new products from upcycled materials. Consumers can purchase the new items. Rasrez charges retailers a subscription fee for using its platform to sell waste, and also takes a commission on each upcycled item created.

Spicy Case
Redistributing food waste is often more expensive than dumping or composting it, leading to negative effects on the climate and people’s health. Spicy Case develops unique products that use waste fruit peel to create a ‘pencil’ of highly-flavoured spice that can be used in cocktails, cookies or salads The ingredients come from Spicy Case’s collection of waste citrus fruits and peels at local juice bars and supermarkets. Spicy Case wants to build a local factory to contribute to a circular economy locally.

Millions of people with traumatic brain injuries have a tough time re-integrating into a work environment. Their capabilities cannot be accurately assessed, especially in developing countries. This I WILL plan aims to make the existing Jansari assessment of Executive Functions (JEF) available online for HR departments, placement agencies, clinicians, research groups and patients. The gaming platform assesses how people function in several cognitive areas, helping to find the right person for the right job.

SyncVR Medical
SyncVR Medical improves patients’ quality of life through Virtual Reality by reducing pain, anxiety and medication. The all-in-one VR platform can serve a healthcare institution in one centralised place with VR healthcare applications for all departments, VR soft- and hardware, an implementation service, and support. With over 30 hospitals connected already, SyncVR Medical plans to broaden its outreach to help more patients recover faster and reduce healthcare costs. Making VR technology easier for healthcare professionals to use means they can focus on what they do best: improving the lives of patients.

Data centres need cooling throughout the year, greenhouses need heating throughout the year. This I WILL plan aims to develop a network of compact datacenters across Europe so that they can be used by local businesses and the heat they produce can be reused by local greenhouses, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and cutting heating bills for growers, and saving money on cooling processes for data centres. Data centres can become a source of cleaner energy for vegetables, as well as providing a local and therefore fast data service to many local customers.