The curriculum is comprised of a 25 EC compulsory part and one optional part. A research project is also required which includes study and training in research methodology, as well as the writing of a bachelor thesis. This is used to measure your ability to present your thoughts and research insights in regards to the management of firms in a well-structured and coherent academic document.

Academic skills: Basic curriculum

This part of the curriculum (25 EC) has been designed to bring your skills up to an academic level. 

The curriculum as presented below applies to academic year 2020 - 2021 only. The curriculum will slightly change as of 2021 - 2022. More information will follow in due time.

You can download a digital version of this curriculum here.

Master related curriculum courses

For admission to a specific master, RSM may require that you follow a specific Master related course during your premaster. If you are eligible for more than one master and want to keep your options open, follow the required or recommended courses for each specialisation you are interested in. Minimal credits: 4 – 5 EC.

Admission to a specific master requires you to follow a course related to that master. If you want to keep your options open as to which master you want to be admitted to after the pre-master you will need to follow the compulsory course(s) for each specialisation you are interested in. Minimal credits: 4 – 5 EC. 

Recommended courses

Most masters recommend that you follow an extra course. This optional course is meant to give you some extra, in-depth knowledge in the master of your choice.

The compulsory and optional courses per MSc programme can be found here.