The OneMBA programme begins in September with a local orientation, during which all Europe-based participants come together at RSM for a comprehensive introduction to the local elements of the programme. This is followed by a global residency in North America, which brings together OneMBA programme participants from all five schools. These two residencies serve as the primary orientation to the global character of the programme. This is followed by ten residencies in Rotterdam taught by RSM’s outstanding faculty, intertwined with three additional global residencies dispersed over the 21-month programme.

Academic Content

OneMBA has been designed using a thematic framework. Along the primary educational dimension of business administration, these themes are organised in a way that describes the purpose of the modern global economy: namely to sustainably manage, source, sell and compete. The second educational dimension deals with the themes of local relevance and global competitiveness.

The descriptions presented on this site provide an overview of the major topics that will be covered. The complete curricula information will be available at the beginning of the course. In some cases, courses may change to keep abreast of recent developments.

Course Information

  • Module 1 - Managing People & Organisations
  • Module 2 - Managing Finance & Marketing
  • Module 4 - Global Executive Practice: The Future