Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action

Leadership theory is undeniably fascinating and something you will debate and discuss as part of the Global OneMBA programme.

But leadership itself is active – a practice, not a theory. RSM puts great emphasis on providing many practical means for OneMBA participants to actively discover and develop their leadership capabilities.

Our ethos of Leadership in Action means you will learn to ‘know thyself’ through assessment tools, personal reflection and 360-degree feedback sessions within your OneMBA team. You will receive coaching and mentoring support. You will be challenged and stimulated by observing and interacting with industry leaders. You will refine your leadership skills by learning with and from, the international cohort of executives that make up the Global Executive OneMBA. And every day, you will apply your deepening leadership abilities within your job.                                      

PLD Programme experience

Many of our students already have experience with RSM's Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD). Read more about their stories here.