“Towards Inclusive Medicine” will mark awarding of VNVA Els Borst Oeuvre Prize to ECWO’s Prof. Dr Hanneke Takkenberg

ECWO’s co-director, Prof. Dr. Hanneke Takkenberg, is the organiser of the upcoming Association of Dutch Female Doctors (VNVA) symposium,

Taking place in Baarn on March 28th, the one-day event marks the awarding of the Els Borst Oeuvre Prize to Professor Takkenberg in October 2018 for her work in gender equality in the medical and academic fields.

Among the speakers addressing the “Towards Inclusive Medicine” theme will be Prof. Dr. Angela Maas (professor of Cardiology for Women, Radboud UMC Nijmegen and chairperson for the day), Dr. Ronnie van Diemen (Inspector General of the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorat), Prof. Dr. Sabine Oertelt-Prigione (Professor of Gender in Primary and Transmural Care, Radboud UMC Nijmegen) and Dr. Hafez Ismaili M'hamdi (Assistant Professor Department of Medical Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine, Erasmus MC Rotterdam).

“Inclusive medicine means a safe working environment in which women and men doctors have equal opportunities,” says Professor Takkenberg of her symposium theme. “It also means ensuring that patients, regardless of their background, experience optimal care that matches their individual norms, values ​​and needs. There is still much to be done to ensure inclusive medicine: doctors regularly do not experience a safe working environment, and not all patients experience optimal access to care.”

Alongside her lecture addressing the topic of inclusive medicine, participants will be able to take part in a training led by Professor Takkenberg and Natalie Cleton that examines the bystander effect and its consequences in the workplace. This active training focuses on discussing and practicing different ways of standing up and reaching out by addressing workplace harassment in a manner that is beneficial to both the victim and the organisation as a whole.

The stand up, reach out training is provided by the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) at the Rotterdam School of Management where Professor Takkenberg is also a professor in Management Education with a specific focus on Women in Business.

Professor Takkenberg was the second ever recipient of the VNVA Els Borst Oeuvre Prize which was established as a tribute to Els Borst, the former Dutch Minister of Health who died in 2014.

In its citation, the VNVA said, “Professor Hanneke Takkenberg remarkably meets the eligibility criteria for this prize. Both scientifically and socially, she is committed to improving healthcare, in particular with regard to women: this applies to both patients and female doctors. She is an epidemiologist and professor of clinical decision-making in cardiovascular interventions at the Thorax Surgery department at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. As a top scientist, she is a role model and coach for many female doctors and contributes extensively to the application of gender-specific results of research in cardiovascular medicine.”

To find out more about the VNVA Els Borst Oeuvre Prize Symposium go to https://www.vnva.nl/vnva-events/vnva-awards/vnva-els-borst-oeuvreprijs/ (in Dutch).

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