Card game integrated into VHTO's Image Breakers project.

ECWO’s Prof. Hanneke Takkenberg is using the Caty Asscher Award to expose primary school children in the Netherlands to women role models through a specially designed card game.

The game will be presented at an awards event on Thursday March 25th 2021 where the third winner of the award dedicated to community building will also be revealed.

When Prof Takkenberg was named winner of the second award in 2019, she was determined to use the  €2,500 prize money to develop an intervention for children that exposes them to women role models in a playful way.

To do this she worked with VHTO, the leading expert organisation on gender and STEM in the Netherlands. In particular, she worked with the organisation’s Beeldenbrekers (Image Breakers) project which uses women role models to show the broad range of STEM-study programmes and professions as well as to support the growth of girls’ self-confidence and interest in STEM-related subjects.

“In 2016, I  was greatly inspired by a video shared by the English project, Redraw the Balance in which primary school children were asked to make drawings of a surgeon, a firefighter and a fighter jet pilot,” said Prof. Takkenberg.

“What happens when they meet the surgeon, firefighter and fighter jet pilot really opened my eyes. When I had the honour of selecting a project for the Caty Asscher Award, I immediately thought about the video and I wanted to use the project to develop an intervention for children that exposes them to female role models in a playful way.”

Inspired by LNVH board member Prof Dr Moniek Tromp, professor of Materials Chemistry at the University of Groningen, to consider VHTO's Image Breakers project, Prof Takkenberg’s prize money went towards the development of a card game. The game introduces children through play to women working in a wide variety of professions in seven different sectors, and is integrated into the overall Image Breakers project.

“I hope that the card games inspire children to dream broadly about their future and not let themselves be hindered by stereotyping,” adds Prof Takkenberg. “ I'm already looking forward to playing the card game with my own daughters.”

The Caty Asscher Award event takes place between 15.30 and 17.30 on Thursday.  Click here to join.

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