Community Service Programme

To facilitate the RSM community in even more ways to make change, the community service programme was set up. With it, the school is starting partnerships with ‘local heroes’ in and around Rotterdam. We hope to support our community partners by increasing their local impact. It is a way for us to put our organisational values into action. Our first community service partner is football foundation Excelsior4All. In April 2019, senior leaders at RSM attended the first voluntary activity with Excelsior4All, which launched the community service programme.


RSM aims to partner with organisations that make societal impact. Take a look at the partnership criteria below to see how we select our partners. Are you working at a civil society organisation and looking to collaborate? Fill in this form and we will get in touch with you.

    • The organisation is non-commercial or a non-profit institution, foundation, or association (Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) status is an advantage).
    • The organisation is visibly active in tackling one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    • The organisation is active in the Rotterdam region.
    • Has broad support, a public character, and is accessible and visible to everyone – for example by being supported by other foundations, organisations or institutions. 
    • The organisation is not bound to a religious or political party.
    • Preferably, projects, activities and objectives are not language sensitive so that members of the RSM community are not restricted by language requirements. 
    • Preferably able to accommodate both small and large groups of volunteers (ranging from 10 to 50 volunteers).
  • The first community service partner is football foundation Excelsior4All, based at the Excelsior Rotterdam football stadium next door to RSM. The foundation has a mission with five pillars: education, reintegration, participation in sports, safety, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Its activities are based on societal needs – particularly in low socio-economic neighbourhoods. In this way, Excelsior4All aims to contribute to the wellbeing of children and stimulate their learning capabilities. 

    Excelsior4All has set up initiatives such as the Excelsior Clinics, focused on health, Excelsior Schools, providing reading buddies and workshops on topics such as discrimination, and Excelsior Street League, organising neighbourhood football tournaments. The children that attend the activities are recommended by local schools. They are able to attend the activities as well as football matches free of charge. Activities available to RSM volunteers at Excelsior4All range from teaching and research to sports and outdoor activities.

For questions, suggestions or to receive updates, please contact Stephanie Maas, project lead.