Reduced inequalities

The income gap between the lowest-paid and the highest-paid, and between rural and urban populations is widening. At this rate, it won’t be bridged for another 217 years. Inequalities like this persist even when vulnerable populations are lifted out of poverty. SDG 10 Reduced inequalities will require policies that promote social, economic and political inclusion.

This goal aims for autonomy for the fragile among us, and more development aid – including private money – flowing from north to south. And it demands the elimination of discriminatory laws and practices.

Honours student Nelly Matar is studying for a BSc in International Business Administration. She says: “Inequality is a source of social exclusion which hinders individuals’ performance in society in terms of education and work. The growth of one is the growth of all.”

Prof. Michaéla Schippers researches and teaches team reflexivity, team diversity and team leadership, as well as goal-setting, academic performance and the use of team charters to improve student team performance. She explores how goal-setting has a positive influence on performance to foster better life outcomes.

Promoting inclusivity means making sure everyone has the opportunity to excel. Here, RSM’s Dean, Prof. Steef van de Velde explains the School’s goalsetting ‘I WILL’ movement. Its effect has been transformational for subsets of students with high dropout rates.

RSM intends to incorporate these videos, complemented with assignments and teaching cases, as learning modules into its programmes.

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