Frontiers in Marketing

Frontiers in Marketing

Just like the world around us, the field of marketing is rapidly changing. Our annual Frontiers in Marketing series provides insights into the latest trends and developments in the form of four state-of-the-art masterclasses. Each masterclass will blend theory and practice, as our faculty members team up with leading practitioners to deliver the best in continued learning. These sessions will not only broaden your knowledge on the latest developments in the sector, they will also serve as an opportunity for you to share your experiences and network.

The masterclasses will cover different topics each time – below is an overview of the upcoming session. All classes take place on campus at Rotterdam School of Management, Bayle (J) building, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 and run according to the following time schedule:

18:00 Registration and buffet dinner
19:00 Masterclass
20:30 Networking drinks


  • Academic speaker: Stefano Puntoni, Professor of Marketing at RSM
    Practitioner speaker: Jan-Christiaan Koenders, Managing Director, Louwman & Parqui Toyota Lexus Nederland

    How are automation and Artificial Intelligence changing competition and the relationships between consumers and products? Many of today’s products are yesterday’s science fiction. Products are increasingly able to automate tasks that consumers had to perform themselves previously. Only a few years ago, it was hard to imagine automated driving features in cars or voice-controlled virtual assistants. In this session, you will investigate these amazing machines and how they are changing business and society.

  • Academic speaker:  Christoph Fuchs, Professor at the Technical University of Munich, and Visiting Professor of Marketing at RSM, and Visiting Professor of Marketing at RSM
    Practitioner speaker: Dr Maik Schlickel, Vice-president Global Customer and Product Quality Management, Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

    Grasping the true value of ideas is essential for corporate innovation success. But people often make mistakes when forecasting the value of innovation ideas. While consumers tend to underestimate the value of new product innovation ideas, firm employees tend to overestimate the value of their own ideas. In this session, you will explore these biases with Dr Fuchs, and discuss why and when new product and process ideas are prone to biased evaluations. And you will discover practitioner Dr Maik Schlickel’s perspective on this topic, and discuss how firms go about generating and evaluating the best ideas for product and process innovations.

  • Academic speaker: Phyliss Gai, PhD candidate at RSM; and Anne-Kathrin Klesse, Assistant Professor at RSM.
    Practitioner speaker: Barrie Kersbergen, Expert Data Scientist,

    Sophisticated recommendation systems allow companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon to show customers personalised product recommendations that are most relevant and interesting to them. Join this session to explore algorithmic product recommendations from various angles. Barrie Kersbergen will share how combines online and offline statistical evaluation techniques and technologies to make relevant suggestions to consumers. You will also discover if customers enjoy products more or less if companies predicted their preferences, and how companies can make product recommendations most effective. 

  • Academic speaker: Jennifer J. Argo, Professor in Marketing at Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
    Practitioner speaker: TBD

    The retail industry is huge. In 2017, retail sales worldwide was over 20 trillion euros. Physical stores continue to capture the majority of retail sales, so retailers spend millions of euros each year designing, building and refurbishing their stores, and major online retailers begin to open physical retail space. This means it is important to understand how the retail environment influences consumers. In this session, you will discuss how the presence of various types of information presented in the retail environment, such as mannequins, fitting rooms, salesforce and other customers, can influence consumer's thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

Live Streaming

If you are unable to come to Rotterdam, you can follow the sessions via live streaming, or watch it online later. We will announce the live streaming link via our Facebook page. Some highlights of previous Frontiers in Marketing masterclasses are in these recordings.


You can register for individual sessions or for a package deal in which case a discount applies. 

Cost: Regular price €40 per session / Alumni price €35 per session
The price includes a buffet dinner prior to the session and a reception afterwards. To benefit from the alumni price, please use ''RSMalumni'' as a discount code when booking your tickets.

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Terms of Registration

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) reserves the right to cancel or to reschedule the event, sessions, locations or times, or to arrange substitute speakers if this is absolutely necessary due to unforeseen reasons which are out of control of RSM. In these cases, RSM is not required to compensate travel or accommodation costs, loss of working time, or other damages. If, after registration, you are unable to attend, you may send a replacement participant. RSM cannot refund your registration.

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