IBA Ambassador

IBA Ambassador


Share your valuable experience – become a student ambassador for RSM – deadline extended!

The Recruitment & Admissions Office at RSM provides an exciting opportunity to current IBA students that will be in their second year of IBA next academic year (2021-2022), to be hired as Ambassadors to share their RSM experiences with prospective students.

Student Ambassadors represent the IBA programme and inform prospective students:

  • During online information sessions
  • During Open Days at university
  • During parents' and student visits at our university
  • At education fairs or secondary school visits
  • Through Unibuddy, Zoom & WhatsApp

You will be given a work contract through EURFlex and will be paid on an hourly basis. Hours to be worked will vary. Non-EEA students can be given a work permit to work up to 16 hours a week and are encouraged to apply!

We will provide you with training regarding both the content of the message and communication and presentation skills.

We know that prospective students rely heavily on the advice and experiences of current students – hence, your job as an Ambassador can really make a difference! We truly count on you and we work together as a team!


  • You are currently a first year IBA student and you will start with the second-year programme in September 2021
  • You are available for the entire academic year 2021-2022 (3 trimesters)
  • You are enthusiastic about IBA and about RSM
  • You have no problem speaking in front of large groups of people and holding presentations
  • You are not shy to approach prospective students to offer them guidance
  • You are willing to respond to short-notice requests of campus tours or school visits
  • You are reliable, respond quickly to e-mails and are very well organized
  • You are willing to prioritize Ambassador work* among other extracurricular activities
    • *Please note that it isn’t possible to be a mentor and an ambassador at the same time
  • You are willing to communicate with prospective students via these channels: Unibuddy, Zoom, WhatsApp
  • Since we need to arrange a contract for you, you must be in the possession of a Burgerservicenummer (BSN) for the entire year 2021-2022 and you must acquire Dutch basic health insurance* which is required by Dutch law if you have a working contract (you have to make the arrangements for this yourself)
    • *Please note that there is a subsidy to help you cover the costs of your health insurance, but you must be living in the Netherlands when your contract starts in order to apply for it.

To give you a better impression of the kind of ambassador-related activities and the time commitment they involve, you can find some of the activities for next year (2021-2022) below. Please note that these activities will be adjusted based on the developing COVID-19 situation in the Netherlands. If you apply to be an Ambassador, it is important that you will be available throughout the year for all the activities listed below.

RSM Recruitment & Admissions (R&A):

  • Welcome & Info session by RSM R&A in early September 2021; exact date to be announced.
  • Training soft skills & presentation skills in early September 2021; exact dates to be announced.
  • Unibuddy contact with prospective students from September 2021 - August 2022 (approximately 2 hours a week)
  • Open Days: 30 October 2021 & 12 February 2022;
  • Applicant call action from January 2022 – August 2022 (approximately 3 hours a week)
  • “Student for a day” individual visits (on request)
  • Two counselor tours in Spring 2022
  • School visits in the Netherlands organized by RSM R&A (on request)
  • RSM R&A Campus tours (on request)
  • Testimonial for the newsletter (1 time)
  • One-hour Virtual Information Sessions (on request)
  • Trainings for special projects
  • Other

IBA Programme Management

  • IBA Graduation ceremony (November 2021; exact date to be announced)

Erasmus Ambassadors Office (EAO)

  • General training session Erasmus Ambassador Office: September 2021 (exact date and location to be announced)
  • “Student for a day” group visits (“Meeloopdagen”) from September 2021 – May 2022
  • School visits in the Netherlands (on request)


How to apply:

To apply you will need to complete a digital interview, answering three motivation questions in video format and some written questions. To apply, follow the link:  https://v3.rivs.com/i/IBAambassador2021-2022/


Application deadline: 19 May 2021, by 23:59 (CEST)

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please send an e-mail to Johanna Goossens at goossensnoel@rsm.nl.