MSc students

MSc students

An internship gives you the opportunity to explore an industry, company or job so you can make informed decisions about your future career. The MSc Graduate Report 2020 shows that almost 52% of master graduates found a job via their internship; either at the internship company or because of the skills they gained during it. Doing an internship was the second most valuable way of finding a job, they said. The most valuable way according to the survey, was using their own network.

For MSc students at RSM, there are two possibilities for doing an internship:

  • As an option or requirement in particular MSc programmes
  • As a voluntary internship during, or after, your studies
  • If you want to do a voluntary internship during your MSc, please register the internship via -> choose to start a new case -> select registration internships not part of curriculum. 

    A couple of MSc programmes offer the opportunity to do an official internship during the company based project elective in combination with your Master thesis, thereby gaining credits (EC) for your internship:

    • Business Information Management (BIM)
    • Global Business & Sustainability (GBS)
    • Management of Innovation (MI)
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    The below listed programmes offer the possibility to students to substitute their Master Free Elective for an internship, as explained below.

    • Finance and Investments - Block 5: Starting May, at least for 168 hours. There is an application and selection process, due to the limited number of seats.
    • Human Resource Management - Students can replace the MFE with a 6-week fulltime internship. The internship period lies between Block 3-5 (February – June).
    • Organisational Change and Consulting - Students can replace the MFE with a 6-week fulltime internship. The internship period lies between Block 3-5 (February – June).

    Students can choose to do an internship after their thesis period: June and onwards. 
    To this: students can choose to extend the internship after 168 hours. They can also opt for an internship outside the curriculum, after their thesis period (read next section).

    For more detailed information this option, please contact your program manager.

    Only the MSc International Management/CEMS programme has a 10-week international internship as a compulsory component. Information about the CEMS internship can be found on the CEMS website.

    Other MSc programmes (Accounting & Financial Management, Marketing Management, Master in Management, Strategic Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management) do not offer the opportunity to do an internship during the master programme, but it might still be possible to combine your master thesis with an internship. To do this, consult your thesis supervisor in advance. You can find the MSc thesis manual here.

    Business Analytics & Management: internships are officially not mandatory but strongly-advised. We offer opportunities and strongly encourage students to do an internship.

  • You can also do an internship after graduation. You can fill out one of the postponement of active degree issuing forms, if you would like to stay registered after your graduation.

    Please read this manual carefully if you would like to request a postponement of graduation. The form to request postponement should be submitted before 15 June 2021.

    If you remain registered at RSM, we can be your official contact during your voluntary internship; we can sign internship documents such as the company contract, if required. We cannot do this if you are no longer registered as a student at RSM when you are doing your voluntary internship.

    If you have any questions, you can send an email to