Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations

The global imbalance of women leaders – and the implicit loss of talent – is holding society back. At Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University we are committed to redressing the gender balance. The Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations delivers the research, the programmes, the events, mentoring, coaching and the networks to empower women. We give you to tools to drive your career. To contribute. To make a difference.

Latest interviews and news

Prof. Hanneke Takkenberg wins FAME Athena Award

This prize is awarded annually to someone who has contributed to the promotion of female talent.

Tulip tree commemorates Prof. Dianne Bevelander’s extraordinary life

The tree will provide an ongoing space for gathering, conversation and reflection.

Prof. Wiley Davi on intersectionality and leading with uncommon sense

ECWO Programme Facilitator also shares why ECWO's work continues to be important.