Organisational Change

Organisational Change

27-29 September 2022 (Hybrid programme)

This three-day course Organizational Change covers issues on organizational change and development. During the course a framework of Organizational change as collaborative play is elaborated and related to your own organization and your own role in change processes as communication professional. Organizational change applies behavioural science knowledge, communication theories, and change practices to help organizations to achieve greater purpose and effectiveness. It seeks to improve how organizations relate to their environment and function internally to attain high performance, a high quality of working life and contribute to sustainability and social corporate responsibility.

During the course you inquire and reflect on the complexity of organizational change in your own organization and the vital role leaders, managers, employees, and communication professionals play in change processes to contribute to the profitability and sustainability of organizations. You will reflect on your own role in change processes and your professional qualities as a communication professional in changing organizations.

Learning objectives:
This course is designed to help you in:

Acquiring knowledge and understanding:
By the end of the course, you will have developed:

  • Sensitivity for dynamics in organizational change as collaborative play and understanding competences of leaders and communication professionals in a global world
  • Knowledge of change perspectives in organizations and the relation of these perspectives with business cultures and strategies.
  • Understanding the complexities and ambiguities in strategic and cultural change in organizations and the daily transformation processes that leaders, managers and communication professionals are involved in.
  • Knowledge about different change strategies and to art of choosing change strategies that are suitable for specific situations.
  • Understanding how communication and the deliberate use of interventions are related to change strategies and support sustainable organizational change to realize customer value with committed employees.

Developing cognitive and Subject Specific Skills:
After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explore state of the art theories of strategic and cultural change in organizations and getting known with practical insights and methodologies that may be used in your own organization.
  • Diagnose organizational dynamics from multiple perspectives and practicing different methodologies for diagnosing the functioning of organizations.
  • Sense the social consequences of organizing, changing, and developing and understanding the dilemmas in accepting responsibility for processes of change and development.
  • Develop insights in own styles of leadership and own strengths and possibilities of professional development as a communication professional and change leader.

Key Skills:
After completing this course, you will have:

  • Explored a play model for organizational change and the ability to use this model for strategic and cultural changes in organizations.
  • Developed professional insights to choose strategies for facilitating strategic and cultural change in your own organization based on contextual, social and self-awareness.
  • This masterclass is designed for corporate communication and HR professionals looking to initiate and manage organisational change, ranging from smaller change projects to fundamental organisational changes such as business model innovations. 

    The classroom comprises of a diverse group of accomplished, driven and open-minded professionals from Europe and beyond, working in various management positions in the public and private sector, NGOs and consultancies.

    Participants for this course are advised to hold at least a bachelor degree and 3+ years of work experience.

  • Prof. Jaap Boonstra

    Prof. dr. Jaap Boonstra will be fully engaged during the masterclass. Jaap is professor ‘Organization Dynamics’ at Esade Business School in Barcelona (Spain) and visiting professor ‘Organizational Change’ WU - Vienna University for Economics and Business. He is a senior lectured at the Netherlands School of Governance in The Haque, The Netherlands. Previous, Jaap has been Academic director and Dean of Sioo, an inter-university institute on organizational change and learning, and full professor at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

    As a consultant he is involved in international alliances and change processes in international business firms in the Netherlands, Spain and South Africa and involved in global networks in value-based banking and crime prevention. In addition, he is member of several supervisory boards of societal organizations.

    Jaap published several books and more than two hundred articles on technological and organizational innovation, management of organizational change, organizational learning, politics in organizations, strategic decision-making and transformational change in the service sector and public administration. His book “Dynamics of Organizational change and Learning” was awarded as the best contribution to organizational science and his book “Organizational Change and Leadership in Organizations” was nominated for Management book of the year in 2014. His most recent book “Organizational change as collaborative play“ is published in 2019 and is based on a play model for organizational change and development.

  • Dates
    27-29 September 2022 (Hybrid programme)

    €2,900 including tuition, course material, lunches and refreshments. This fee does not include hotel accommodation.  

    Via Zoom

    VNAB Kenniscentrum
    Room: Merwede
    Boompjes 251
    3011 XZ  Rotterdam
    The Netherlands

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