Why this programme?

Why this programme?

The 16-month MSc Finance & Investments Advanced could be your ticket to a high-flying and rewarding career in finance. Our carefully-designed programme contains all the elements to prepare you for such a position.

The new Advanced programme is offered by an outstanding department with a world-class reputation in research. Your teachers and professors are a dynamic and international group of ambitious academics and dedicated educators. The programme builds on the strong foundations of the existing 12-month sister programme, the MSc Finance & Investments, from the same department. However, the Advanced programme goes beyond the scope of its shorter sister programme to prepare you even further for your career in finance.

Talented students who are willing to put in extra effort and welcome the chance to be really challenged will greatly benefit from choosing this programme: it will give you a clear competitive advantage in the job market.

Key features of the programme: 

  • You will be taught in small dedicated classes by senior faculty and high-profile external lecturers;
  • You will acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced finance topics such as existing financing techniques but also new financial developments like crowd funding and FinTech;
  • You will learn to distill the value of finance, but also to critically assess the functioning of the financial system through courses on sustainability and ethics;
  • You will benefit from close involvement of corporates, providing case studies, guest lectures, internships and recruitment;
  • You will be prepared for a quick start in your first job with career training, personal leadership development, interpersonal skills and personal coaching;
  • You will advance through the curriculum’s strong focus on finance practice, which complements the advanced theoretical knowledge that you will learn. Many courses contain hands-on, action-oriented elements such as case base-based teaching. In the Living Management seminar you’ll be working on six cases from real companies;
  • You’ll be part of a carefully selected international class of like-minded individuals: talented and motivated students with a desire to become the best in their chosen profession;
  • You can prepare for the CFA exams and optimise your preparation through your choice of electives.

Completing the programme means you will be fully equipped with not only excellent knowledge of the industry and high level skills, but also a ready-made network of fellow students and company contacts to serve you throughout your career.