MSc Finance & Investments Advanced

The MSc Finance & Investments Advanced is a selective and advanced level programme. It offers demanding content to recognise students of exceptional ability, and features more personal and closer interaction with businesses and organisations in the industry as well as highly interactive and small classes over 16 months.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for the most talented and ambitious candidates prepared to make an extra effort in return for a prime master degree in finance, and offers outstanding contact with dedicated corporate partners and dedicated career development support to boost master graduates’ first career moves. Recent bachelor graduates in business, economics, finance or accounting with a good track record are invited to apply.

What does this programme offer?

You will be challenged over 16 months with advanced academic courses, personal skills training, consultancy cases, superior career preparation and access to a dedicated corporate network. The programme delivers additional content and skills compared to its shorter 12-month sister programme. It demands extra endeavour but in return gives you an increased advantage in the job market and superior exposure to potential employers, thanks to the programme's unique relationships with corporate partners and the embedded internship. Corporate partners include Rabobank, ABN AMRO, Aegon, PGGM, Robeco, Unilever, EY, Triodos Bank.

Key Features of FI Advanced

  • Small classes taught by senior faculty and high-profile external lecturers
  • Advanced finance topics
  • Close involvement with corporate partners for content and internships
  • Enhanced career preparation
  • Strong focus on finance practice throughout the curriculum
  • Carefully selected international class
  • Hands-on, action-oriented elements: Living Management seminar, interpersonal skills training, case-based teaching and career coaching