World class researchers

Transcending your intellectual potential is as much about what you learn as it is who teaches you. We are proud that our professors consistently rank among top 5 in Europe in terms of scientific output. They play active role in generating the very knowledge thought to business students throughout the world. This is a testament to their world class analytical and critical thinking, creative problem solving, and thought leadership.

Tied with cutting-edge managerial practice

Our faculty maintains close ties with business leaders, particularly those belonging to our alumni network. Our ties are nourished by frequent cooperation on research projects, industry conferences, alumni events, guest talks and bilateral visits. These relations result in number of mutual benefits, but above all, ensure that our faculty is abreast of current developments in managerial practice.

Engagement with students

You will find RSM faculty members enthusiastic about their subject matters and eager to inspire in you with the same passion and aptitude. They are also open, approachable, and eager to engage you and your classmates as equals in the debate and discussion of material.

Discover our faculty for yourself

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