Honours programme

Honours programme

Marketing Management Honours Programme

The Honours class in RSM’s MSc Marketing Management allows the best students closer interaction with the latest advancements in marketing science and practice. A group of between 20-25 students will be selected to follow an additional course that runs across the third and fourth study blocks.

During these selective Honours class sessions, Honours students will discuss recent themes in marketing with faculty members and marketing practitioners. Subjects might include international marketing, branding, word-of-mouth recommendations and social media.

If selected as an Honours student, you’ll be invited to discuss our researchers’ work, which they will present alongside research from others. Practitioners and RSM alumni working in in influential positions in marketing will be invited to bring real applications of marketing practice into our highly interactive Honours sessions, and allow you to see how science and practice are integrated. You’ll need to prepare thoroughly for these 'Frontiers in marketing sessions' by reading and summarising recommended literature.

These sessions will have a practical perspective and will show you major issues in marketing operations and strategies business practice. You’ll hear first-hand accounts of the cases, problems and solutions. You’ll conclude the Honours class by writing a paper, under supervision of a member of faculty, on one of the topics presented to you.

Further details of the selection procedure for the Honours class will be announced to students during the programme.