Giulia Micozzi

Giulia Micozzi

Name                         : Giulia Micozzi
Current job title      : Junior research manager at Metrixlab (March 2018)
Year of graduation : 2016
Nationality               : Italian

Why did you choose this MSc?
“During my BSc I started to get more and more into marketing and advertising, and while browsing through master courses in marketing, I was instantly convinced by this one. The modules in the MSc in Marketing Management cover the main aspects of marketing and strategy, provide a solid background in marketing research, with electives that dig into advertising and social media, while keeping a strong quantitative base. Plus, I wanted to continue my studies outside of Italy, at a high-ranked university. So this MSc at RSM simply met all my requirements.”

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“The MSc programme has a wide coverage of topics, and I've been applying what I've learned from it throughout the past two years of hectic post-graduation life. So I'd say the programme is complete, as far as coverage goes. I particularly appreciated the mix of collective, ’by-the-book’ lectures and hands-on tutorials. I also liked how guest lectures, conferences, and company days all seemed to work together and complement each other, making it a 360-degree experience. Needless to say, it was tough and consistently demanded hard work. But it all paid off and in the end, I'm just sad it was over so soon.”

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“My BSc was mostly in economics and general business topics, and I lacked some background in statistics. So the more quantitative modules were hard to crack at first, although it did work out after just a couple of breakdowns. Another hard part was to focus on studying for the exams while figuring out your next career steps and planning your life after the master. It all goes really fast and it's hard to keep up at times, but this doesn't actually get any easier after graduation.”

What made the greatest impression?
“In addition to the modules, which I found super-interesting), what impressed me the most were the relationship we were able to develop with our professors. Coming from an environment where getting in touch with professors involves weeks of exchanging emails and begging for a face-to-face conversation, being able to casually pop by a professor's office and have a chat was liberating! I'm also very happy about how the master thesis process was supervised, I felt like my project mattered to not just me but to both professors involved. In the end, I guess what I liked the most about my experience with this master at RSM was feeling like my opinion was heard, and my work actually mattered and could make a difference. I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s true.”

How did your studies at RSM shape your career?
“My studies definitely gave me the tools to apply and make it to my first job positions. The work on my thesis and on various team projects definitely opened a fair amount of doors. More importantly, I've learned to love and heavily rely on research, so after a year of interning in digital marketing and brand management, I decided to go into research and now I’m managing my own research projects.”

What are your future plans?
“I want to learn and do as much as I can, within and outside of marketing research. I'm very much interested in technology and machine learning, so I might stir towards that direction. Maybe a second master? Who knows, my mind is all over the place at the moment!”