Sofia Perera

Sofia Perera

Name                         : Sofía Perera
Current job title      : Assistant marketing manager – ice cream brand Wall's at Unilever (March 2018)
Year of graduation : 2017
Nationality               : Spanish

Why did you choose this MSc?
“After my bachelor in Spain, I really wanted to step up my career with a reputable master abroad that would take me out of my comfort zone and push me to think differently. Also, I was very keen on specialising in branding and product management. I did a lot of research and very soon RSM became the number one on my list thanks to the quality of the education, the highly international background of the university, and the programme's curriculum. This not only would allow me to do the specialisation I liked but also looked very exciting and up to date with the latest global marketing trends, such as courses in neuromarketing and customer experience design.”

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“The first word that comes to mind is ‘ambition’: this programme really fostered my ambition to become a best-in-class marketeer and grow professionally. I really liked the closeness of all the professors, who got me engaged in their courses and deepened my curiosity for very diverse topics. Also, the programme has a very good balance between theory and practice, which is exactly what I was looking for: real business cases in which I could test all of what I learned. I very much enjoyed the various chances to meet and visit companies as well as the numerous opportunities to work in teams, in which you are challenged to adapt to your colleagues points of view and exercise leadership.”

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“One of the biggest challenges for me was to develop my research skills, since I had not done it before, or at least not as professionally as it is done at RSM. Even though I found it a bit frustrating at first, this really took me out of my comfort zone and I can now see how this in the end became my greatest area of development during the programme. More importantly, this knowledge helped me to further develop my analytical skills in general, which has proven to be of utmost importance now that I’m working at a big multinational company. And I now enjoy these kind of tasks a lot!”

What made the greatest impression?
“In hindsight, I’m most impressed by how current the courses, cases and topics were throughout the programme. Working at a big corporation with lots of very knowledgeable and young marketeers, I’m sometimes surprised to see that they are just discovering some cases and facts that we had already discussed one year before, during the master.”

How did your studies at RSM shape your career?
“In the MSc Marketing Management, I developed my analytical skills, learned how to apply critical thinking, and became determined to always start building my cases starting from the consumer. Those three skills have proven to be among the most important ones for my work at a FMCG company.”

What are your future plans?
“I intend to keep developing my marketing skills within the FMCG industry, with the ambition to bring relevant and superior experiences to our consumers through truly purposeful brands.”