MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship

Who is this programme for?

Are you eager to start a business of your own or take on a job that includes elements of entrepreneurship, either within a larger organisation or in a start-up? RSM’s MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship (MScSE) is a one-year full-time programme for bachelors in business administration, economics, finance, science and business, or industrial design.

What does this programme offer?

Trying things out in your own venture or for an existing organisation is the best way to learn; we support you in this process by teaching you the theory and giving you practical experience at RSM.

Under the guidance of our world-class professors and practitioners, you will investigate business cases, and learn how to identify, create and exploit opportunities using entrepreneurial strategies. You’ll explore the processes of starting and growing businesses, as well as what happens when corporations begin to apply corporate entrepreneurship.

Build your network

During lectures, case studies, team work and projects in which you build your network, you will explore how to fulfil your role as an entrepreneur in an organisation – or how to start up an entrepreneurial business.

Start-up support

There’s even more support available from our Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, which offers services for start-ups and growing companies founded by students. It organises networking events with entrepreneurial corporate organisations.

Best master

RSM’s MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship programme ranks among the best master degrees in entrepreneurship worldwide according to Eduniversal’s international review of best master programmes.

Job advantages

RSM’s combination of skilled thinking and doing provides you with practical experience and an advantage over other job candidates and entrepreneurs.

Our alumni find work with

  • small, fast-growing firms (32 per cent)
  • entrepreneurial corporations such as Google and Facebook (25 per cent)
  • family-owned businesses, consultants and venture capitalists (22 per cent)
  • more than a fifth (21 per cent) found and run their own business.


Entrepreneurs make a difference - do it.