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An alumnus' story
An alumnus' story  
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Your future career

Accounting & Financial Management graduates are specialists in the financial information needed by managers and investors; how it is gathered, secured, checked and used in the ‘nerve centres’ of economic organizations and markets. They therefore know best how to use financial and non-financial information to help managers make economically sound decisions. Such decisions range from motivating and evaluating employees, deciding on investments or mergers and acquisitions, to scrutinizing new business opportunities.

Accounting & Financial Management graduates generally start their careers in one of the following four functional areas:

  1. As an (external) auditor at one of the Big Four or medium-sized accounting firms
  2. As an (internal) auditor at a large multinational corporation
  3. As a finance manager and control specialist (i.e., financial controller, treasurer, business analyst) at a large multinational corporation
  4. As a financial or valuation advisor at a consulting firm or the Transaction Services department of the Big Four accounting firms

Many of our graduates advance into senior management positions such as partner in an accounting firm, financial director, or senior business controller at a large company. An Accounting & Financial Management degree gives you a great start on your way to becoming a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Audit Executive or Senior Audit Partner!

You can read more about our graduates and their career progress from their LinkedIn profiles.

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Orientation year for non-EEA graduates

Non-EEA graduates can remain in The Netherlands after graduation in order to find a job. Please read further to find out how this 'Orientation Year' works.