Dr Jasmien Khattab

Jasmien Khattab

Assistant Professor
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Jasmien Khattab is an assistant professor of Innovation Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, where she also obtained her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior. Before joining the IM group, Jasmien Khattab was a post-doctoral researcher at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. 

In her research, she investigates innovative ways organizations can reduce structural inequality, including topics such as stereotypes & leadership, social networks & diversity, and diversity & inclusion practices. Her work has been published in Academy of Management Annals and in Academy of Management Review.

Prior to joining academia, Jasmien Khattab worked as a policy officer for the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the E.U. and the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.

Professional experience

Assistant Professor

Erasmus University Rotterdam
RSM - Rotterdam School of Management
Department of Technology and Operations Management


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  • Organizational Psychology Review

    Member Editorial Review Board

  • Academy of Management Journal

    Ad Hoc Reviewer

  • Academy of Management Review

    Ad Hoc Reviewer

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Media items

  • Het onoplosbare dilemma voor vrouwelijke leiders: of een bitch, of niet authentiek

    Our image of a leader is unconsciously still that of a (white) man. Therefore, male behaviours are confused with leadership. In this interview, Jasmien Khattab (RSM PhD Candidate) discusses her study and how female leaders can…

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    Female leaders who combine dominant and friendly leadership styles cause confusion among their employees. Such leaders are seen as less authentic and less effective, according to research conducted by RSM PhD candidate Jasmien…

  • Vrouwelijke bazen worden sneller veroordeeld

    The dilemma: women who seem dominant, powerful and confident are often less likable and therefore miss out on promotions. But if they are compassionate as well, they are often considered less competent. So says a new study by RSM…

  • Bazige én aardige bazin? Dat kan niet!

    Women who are dominant, achievement-oriented and confident (and thus show "male" behaviours) are often considered unpleasant and are passed over for high positions. But if they are gentle and understanding, they are often…

  • Dit wordt de week voor ondernemers

    In this weekly summary of economic news, RSM PhD candidate Jasmien Khattab's research on female leadership styles is discussed. She concludes that female executives who alternate a dominant leadership style with a friendly,…

  • ’Manvrouw’ verwart medewerkers

    Female managers who try to get more out of the workplace lose a part of their credibility. Employees consider female managers who try to combine male and female traits to be less effective. This concludes PhD candidate Jasmien…

  • Hierdoor worden vrouwelijke managers als 'nep' gezien

    Female executives face a problem. When they become dominant and confident - traditional male attributes - they miss out on promotion because they are less likeable. If she frees her female leadership style - gentle, understanding…

  • Waarom het voor vrouwen moeilijker is om als authentieke, effectieve leider te worden gezien

    Research conducted by RSM PhD student Jasmien Khattab shows that women with a dominant, decisive leadership style put their employees in confusion when they are also involved, kind and compassionate. This makes them seem less…

  • Onderzoek: Dominante vrouwen moeten niet lief zijn

    Research conducted by RSM PhD student Jasmien Khattab shows that employees perceive a female leader to be authentic if she uses a consistent leadership style. Mixing styles, e.g. being both dominant and compassionate, makes women…

  • Afwisselende stijl vrouwelijke manager zorgt voor verwarring

    Female leaders who alternate a dominant leadership style with a friendly, compassionate leadership style cause confusion among employees. Such leaders are seen as less authentic and less effective, according to research conducted…

  • Vrouwelijke managers worden nog steeds anders beoordeeld als mannelijke

    Unlike their male counterparts, female leaders who alternate a dominant leadership style with a friendly one elicit confusion in their employees. They are considered less authentic, according to research conducted by RSM PhD…

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