How we contribute

The world is experiencing disruption in many ways; 2020 has been particularly challenging with mounting crises in health and social justice. We believe in the importance of contributing – no matter the size of the contribution – and we encourage everyone in the RSM community to strive to influence and create positive impact in some way.

To do this, we focus on:
  • Development of impactful knowledge: intensive, interdisciplinary, identifiable
  • Transformative education: developing responsible leaders for the global, digital age
  • Purposeful engagement: multi-stakeholder, systematic, impact-oriented and evidence-based

We aim to achieve this by:
  • Further excelling in interdisciplinary research and upholding our outstanding research infrastructure
  • Creating awareness and stimulating businesses in working towards the targets of each of the SDGs
  • Educating thought leaders, to make sure we reduce inequalities rather than aggregate them