Accounting & Control

Accounting & Control

The Department of Accounting and Control is a compact powerhouse of international and influential faculty members. “Focal areas of management control and accounting, financial accounting and financial analysis are not just approached from a theoretical level,” says Chair Prof. dr. Erik Peek. “We have a very strong research orientation and an equally strong practitioner orientation. Our stakeholders range from academic researchers to the business community of accountants, controllers, and financial advisors.”

A broad student audience

“We serve a broad range of educational programmes at RSM, and our audience is pretty diverse,” says Prof. Peek. “Our involvement ranges from the most basic first-year BSc course to our PhD programme, and we also serve practitioners on various executive programmes,” he points out. Many education programmes at RSM include personal development as well as skills and knowledge, and prepare students, academics and people in business to be a force for positive change as critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and doers. “We are proud to offer an outstanding MSc programme in Accounting & Financial Management in which we maintain a strong business focus – training future accountants and financial managers as entrepreneurs and business partners rather than as accounting technicians. Excellence in teaching and strong interactions among faculty and students is what we are committed to.”

Understanding behaviour and practices

The department’s research approach is interdisciplinary, integrating economic and behavioural aspects of accounting contributing to positive changes that help people and organisations to thrive worldwide. “We have a strong conviction that blending economics and psychology in our research helps us to understand the real impact of accounting across every part of business. Whereas some of us excel in examining the economic role of accounting in capital markets, others are specialist in understanding the behaviour of people in response to accounting information, performance measures and incentives,” Prof. Peek explains. “Researchers from different disciplines work closely together and learn from each other every day.”

Consulting with business

Members of the department act as experts for all types of business, including hospitals, audit firms and financial advisors. The department, for instance, works on ‘research with business impact’ with financial advisory firm Duff & Phelps, which also sponsors the department’s Chair in Business and Valuation. “We are well aware of the fact that part of our success can be measured through the impact that we have on business,” says Prof. Peek. “Our department is a great mixture of traditionally trained academics and academics with business experience,” he emphasizes. “Combining our solid academic backbone with our close business ties helps us to bring practical expertise to the classroom and be effective teachers in all educational programmes.”

A fundamental discipline

“The breadth of our teaching programmes combined with our high quality research output is an energizing challenge,” says Prof. Peek. “Our teaching and research programmes make people aware of the essential role of accounting – just as important as other business disciplines, but perhaps even more fundamental.”