Organisation and Personnel Management

Organisation and Personnel Management

Every part of business depends upon one thing: people, and their relationship to each other and the organisation in which they work. So the education and research of RSM’s department of Organisation and Personnel Management (OPM) focuses on this relationship, with a strong interdisciplinary approach. “We focus on how to lead organisational dynamics and behaviour, change management, cross-cultural management and HR management,” says Department Chair Prof. Steffen R. Giessner, “and there’s a strong focus on high quality research and practical applications.”

Pioneering new fields 

Research within OPM has always been ahead of the curve in being a force for positive change, helping people and organisations worldwide to thrive and prosper. Pioneering faculty are working at the forefront of such ‘human’ issues as diversity and leadership studies. Working successfully with business cultures that may have very different methods, expectations and models than those in Europe, the UK and North America are one important focus. “Clearly there are new mindsets needed to work with the world’s fastest-growing economy.”

Biggest project in EU 

The department’s members work together and autonomously on projects to create solutions for practical business and organisational issues – sometimes for whole geographic areas.

One high-profile project is Comparative Police Studies in the EU or COMPOSITE, for which Dr. Gabriele Jacobs is Project Manager.  The project examines the context and operations of police departments from 10 countries. “We’re very proud of this project – its scope is truly cross-national, and it will have impact throughout Europe and beyond.”

Business impact 

Throughout numerous projects and Centres of Expertise to which faculty members are linked, new knowledge is created, then disseminated on the academic level through publications in major international journals. The business impact of this research translates into practical post-experience programmes to prepare students and people in business to be critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and doers. “Our partnership with business begin with RSM Executive Education, teaching in-company programmes on leadership and org behaviour,” says Prof. van Knippenberg. “It’s a very direct way to make a positive impact on business.”