Bachelor Programme

The department of Organisational and Personnel Management contributes to the curriculum of both the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration programme as well as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (in Dutch “Bedrijfskunde”) programme. 

Course topics include Human Resource Management and Change Management. In addition to introductory courses, we also offer elective courses and bachelor research projects.

MSc Human Resource Management

The MSc Human Resource Management focuses on the core component of any business organisation; living human beings interacting with one another. A student who wants to meet the business challenges of the future and improve competitive edge through a more creative input of employees and members of his or her company, has to understand what makes people more efficient, effective, creative and community-like.

MSc Organisational Change and Consulting

The MSc Organisational Change and Consulting makes you familiar with classic and not so classic concepts of organisations and theories of organisational change. What is the best formula for change? You will become acquainted with a broad range of theories, explaining organisational realities as social constructions, which are constantly negotiated and renegotiated in daily interactions.

Part-time/evening MSc in Business Administration programme

The two-year part-time/evening programme MSc in Business Administration at RSM Erasmus University is a leading management education, known for its pratical relevance and international orientation. The programma is in Dutch and open for students with a Bachelors or Masters diploma plus several years of practical experience.

Parttime MSc in Management programme

This new master programme is designed for young professionals and ambitious students. The Parttime Master in Management is in Dutch and lectures are on Friday afternoon. This programme is open for students with a Bachelors or Masters diploma. Dutch HBO-students can enter the programme if they follow the (parttime) premaster first.

Research Master in Business and Management

Whether you aspire to an international academic career, or want to do research in the wider world of business, the Research Master in Business and Management provides the ideal preparation. In this exclusive master programme offered by the high-ranking research institute ERIM, a select group of students will be taught by top researchers in management. With no more than 30 students, the two-year programme offers individual supervision, a highly personal approach and the opportunity to pursue your own research interests.

PhD in Management

Talented young researchers get the opportunity to do pioneering and innovative PhD research at ERIM, a top research institute in Europe. In its PhD programme in Management, ERIM offers PhD candidates personal supervision by internationally acclaimed management researchers and excellent research facilities, including a state-of-the-art behavioural lab and advanced survey technology. In addition, a special support programme pays for research expenses like conference visits, international research visits, and data collection. All ERIM’s PhD students are paid a competitive salary and receive career development support.