Quality education

Everyone has the right to education.

Article 26 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights grants it to everyone. It should be directed to the full development of the human personality, the strengthening of respect for human rights and to fundamental freedoms. And it should promote understanding, tolerance and friendship. In developed economies, reskilling workers when their original jobs have disappeared because of automation and the development of Artificial Intelligence is a top priority for government and businesses.

Student Joris Smal, MSc Supply Chain Management, explains why 250 million children a year children get sidelined because they miss out on education. There are implications for women’s rights, reducing inequalities, fighting climate change and ending extreme poverty too. Investing in education is also a way for companies to adapt the skills of their employees for the future.

RSM Assistant Professor Dr Samer Abdelnour studies topics at the intersection of social enterprise and international development, and serves on Restart Network’s Advisory Board. Early in his academic career he saw that the lack of access to quality education was most detrimental to refugees.

RSM alumnus Teodor Cătăniciu is co-founder of Restart Network, a crowdsourced tech school supported by tech companies that provides education and work opportunities in the IT sector for refugees and underprivileged people. He explains why the way knowledge is leveraged to solve problems and is a source of power.

RSM intends to incorporate these videos, complemented with assignments and teaching cases, as learning modules into its programmes.

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