About sustainable RSM

In addition to being engaged in core educational programmes, RSM infuses the central themes from the UN Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) into the curriculum, co-curricular activities, and school initiatives; sensitising mindsets to benefit society, the economy and the environment from the perspective that sustainability is the foundation of business. From admissions to alumni years, students benefit from the integration of classroom and out-of-class learning experiences.

The school's sustainable RSM initiative provides leadership, consultation and support for activities and action with a focus on society and the environment; coupling sustainable stewardship with individual responsibility; essential for creating sustainable business. We foster a school culture defined by informed and responsible decision-making that reflects the crucial balance between economic, social and environmental priorities. Highly motivated students engage in projects and learning experiences, advancing sustainable outcomes in numerous ways.

RSM’s own development as a business school has seen the issue of sustainability become increasingly integrated into its philosophy. RSM is actively committed to demonstrating and disseminating theories, models, and practices that reinforce the connection between sustainable environments and value creation.

RSM’s sustainability ambition sets priorities and action plans for the following:

  • Teaching: focuses on the inclusion of social and environmental sustainability elements in the full curricula.
  • Research: creates optimal boundary conditions for researchers studying social and environmental issues.
  • Operations: reduces the negative environmental impact of issues and actions that enable the performance of teaching and research activities.

Within RSM's academic community, sustainable RSM also serves as a bridge for RSM researchers to connect with two global partner research networks: the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) and the Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability (ARCS). The objective is to spark rigorous academic research and valorisation with the goal of shaping management practice, proactive engagement and leadership in the business sector.

The introduction of RSM Discovery’s online platform helps researchers communicate how organisations can benefit from ground-breaking academic research into sustainability, leadership in times of crisis, and tackling global wicked problems among other salient topics.