Digital Leadership and Change

Digital Leadership and Change

Develop the critical skills and responsibilities needed to adapt team and organisational capabilities to effectively integrate digital transformations.

Personal leadership and change management

 This highly experiential programme takes an operational view of the capabilities and culture required of digital transformation, with a strong emphasis on personal leadership and change management skills.

Three days
1 conference day

Spring 2019

Collaboration between RSM and Erasmus Center for Leadership Studies

Learning objectives

 After this programme, you will be able to:

  • assess and adapt team and organisational capabilities
  • affect appropriate organisational change
  • nurture the professionalism and efficiency of specialists
  • achieve digital leadership by fostering a digital culture
  • transform your company into an agile organisation
  • develop company maturity and capabilities.

Why should you join this programme?

  • Access to RSM’s world-class academic research and expertise.
  • Improve and validate your knowledge and experience.
  • Learn from the experiences of your peers and extend your professional network.
  • Work towards attaining your RSM Digital Transformation Diploma that includes a business improvement track coached by top faculty and a leading digital transformation consultancy firm.

The programme Digital Leadership and Change is also a component of RSM's Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation.