Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation

Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation

Become a better digital transformation advisor in your organisation by applying new knowledge and skills to your business challenge. Turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity in your company with RSM’s Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation.

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Learning objectives

After you have completed the programme, you will be able to:

  • turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity by capturing value for your organisation by instigating a digital transformation initiative
  • align and mobilise your people and other stakeholders to support your initiative
  • focus on the real priorities and discover valuable superior insights
  • design actionable plans with real business performance impact
  • refine your plan and obtain sound arguments to persuade stakeholders to support its implementation.

Why should you join this programme?

  • Access to RSM’s world-class academic research and expertise.
  • Improve and validate your knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Learn from your peers’ experiences and extend your professional network.
  • Work towards implementing a digital transformation initiative in your organisation – for example in online marketing – together with top faculty and professional consultants.
  • Obtain a Digital Transformation Diploma from RSM.

You can choose three from a range of four subjects that will equip you to drive digital transformation in your organisation: Digital Analytics and Customer Insights, Digital Strategy, Digital Innovation, and Digital Leadership and Change.

  • The diploma programme is made up of four open programmes. Completing any three of these modules, in any order, means you can obtain the RSM Digital Transformation Diploma. You are able to start on the Impact Project after completing at least two of these open programmes.

    • Learn data management methods, tools and strategies to optimise performance and business intelligence. Build a solid understanding of trends and developments, and learn methods to collect, analyse and manage data.

      Read more about the programme Digital Analytics and Customer Insights

    • Become a better strategic advisor who can influence, drive, and implement effective digital strategies. Learn to assess the dynamics of the digital landscape and how to take advantage of emerging disruptive technologies.

      Read more about the programme Digital Strategy

    • Learn the tools and frameworks with which to develop innovation-driven business opportunities and models, and a culture of innovation for leadership in your organisation.

      Read more about the programme Digital Innovation

    • Learn which capabilities you need and what culture is required for digital transformation. Gain insights on personal leadership and change management during this experiential programme.

      Read more about the programme Digital Leadership and Change

    • The Impact Project (IP) is the final and capstone module of RSM’s Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation. It offers a unique experiential learning opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills developed in the diploma modules on a real-world business problem in your own working environment. After successfully completing the Impact Project and your three chosen modules, you will be eligible to get your diploma. 

      The primary learning goal for the Impact Project is for participants to be able to conduct an intervention in support of digital transformation, by applying a minimum of three stages of the problem-solving cycle:

      • Problem definition
      • Diagnosis
      • Solution design

      The deliverable is a clear and well-structured PowerPoint presentation that covers six questions:

      1. What is your research question? 
      2. Why is it a relevant research question?
      3. How will you answer your research question?
      4. What are your achievements?
      5. What are your conclusions and recommendations?
      6. Reflection report


      Participants will be supported during their project via:

      • A full day workshop and (peer) coaching session
      • Two coaching calls of max. one hour with an academic coach.


  • The diploma programme is for managers from any industry who are leading digital projects or driving digital transformation initiatives in their team, department or organisation. You will benefit if you are an:

    • executive in a traditional leadership position who wants to better understand strategic responses to digital disruptions as well as their operational implications
    • senior manager involved in developing and implementing digital transformation efforts
    • middle manager struggling with incorporating new digital technologies to achieve departmental impact
    • manager in an industry with traditional business models seeking practicable insights into digital disruption opportunities
    • entrepreneur interested in capitalising on digital technology opportunities.
  • “I very much liked the good mix of theory, knowledge sharing, and the very hands-on approach. We had very knowledgeable professors sharing their knowledge and had the opportunity to apply it in practice in the workshops. The Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation opened my eyes to innovation, how to approach it and provided the tools for a hands-on approach." Read Sifra's complete success story here.
    Sifra Westendorp, Digital development manager at Anthony Veder

    “I wanted to do something relevant and interesting, while expanding my perspective beyond the financial sector. The programme appealed to me because you can use science and theory, and put it into practice.” Read Eva's complete success story here.
    Eva Atanasova, Project and business manager at Rabobank Group

  • During the Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation you will learn from Prof. Ting Li, Dr Rodrigo Belo and Dr Murat Tarakci. Occasionally we may substitute other faculty members according to the content of the programme and their availability.

    Prof. Ting Li
    Ting Li is a professor of digital business at RSM, and the academic director of the MSc Business Information Management programme, and of the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics. Her teaching expertise covers information strategy, digital commerce, social and mobile analytics, and social networks. Before joining the academic world, she worked for General Electric and IBM in e‐business in supply chains, web services, and grid computing. Ting’s research interest focuses on the strategic use of information and its economic impacts on consumer behaviour and company strategy. She has worked with Shell, KPMG, PwC, Accenture, Coolblue, Wehkamp, Zelf, Tweakers, Shop2Market, Dutch Railways, and RET among others.

    Dr Rodrigo Belo
    Rodrigo Belo is associate professor at RSM. His research focuses on the effects of information systems on organisations and on the impacts of social network structures and peer influence on consumer behaviour; it has been widely published. He specialises in the design and deployment of large-scale randomised experiments to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and to optimise online user engagement. He has led and collaborated in projects with established firms and start-ups in the online and telecommunications sectors. Before joining academia, Rodrigo worked as a software engineer and analyst in transportation and government. 

    Dr Murat Tarakci
    Murat Tarakci is an associate professor of innovation management, and academic director of the MSc in Management of Innovation programme at RSM. He specialises in disruptive innovations, strategy implementation, and leadership, combining his business experience from Unilever and academic experience to research what motivates managers’ search for new strategic initiatives, and how managerial power and leadership affect the generation of novel ideas. Now, his research focuses on creating innovative organisations by taking a behavioural approach. His research has been published in leading management journals as well as international media including the Financial Times and Harvard Business Review.

  • Schedule your own development track. To achieve the diploma programme, sign up for at least three open programmes in this learning track. Each programme is three days long. The Impact Project spans over the course of six months and includes two face-to-face group and peer coaching sessions and two virtual coaching conversations.


    We run modules throughout the year. The start date depends on the choice of your first module > Apply now


    € 11,875 (excl. 21% VAT) including three modules, professional coaching, two progress days at RSM, conference, course materials and lunches. This fee does not include hotel accommodation.

    10% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM. More information about the discount.

    General terms and conditions

    Our general terms and conditions apply when you register for an open programme. Please review them to learn more about our policies for cancellation, deferral and substitution.


    The programme takes place in the Bayle building on the Woudestein Campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

    Hotel accommodation

    We recommend Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark Hotel, adjacent to the university and less than five minutes’ walk from campus. Participants benefit from special rates.

  • We run modules throughout the year. The start date depends on the choice of your first module.
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