Why this programme?

Why this programme?

Effective information management is at the heart of every organisation’s performance, yet individuals with a thorough understanding of the value of information to international business are scarce and in high demand. From the programme’s introductory week in a dynamic European city to its conclusion in the writing of your master thesis, you will embark on an intense and inspiring learning experience:

  • Learn how to analyse the strategic potential of information and its application to business and corporate networks;   
  • develop knowledge in managing the implementation of business applications and how change management is crucial in the implementation process;   
  • develop consultancy and project management skills;  
  • acquire an understanding of the pivotal management decision processes faced by business managers.

The programme focuses on the process of managing information as a strategic resource for improving overall business performance, with an emphasis on the potential for innovative information technologies.

By the time you graduate, you will have developed an in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding business information management in an international context; the ability to think critically and creatively about these business processes and importantly, the personal skills to effectively apply tools and theories in practice and therefore bring about results as a future manager.

RSM’s MSc in Business Information Management graduates enjoy advantages in the international job market thanks to the programme’s global scope. Students can expect to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue an international career. Alumni of the programme are today working for national and international companies as information managers, business consultants, and business analysts. Some students have even set up their own companies before they graduated from the programme.

You do not need computer programming skills for the MSc in Business Information Management. However, if you are interested in developing these skills, you can opt for the master elective ‘Next Generation Web Information Systems ’.