Degree: MSc Global Business & Sustainability
Format: Full-time
Credits: 60
Duration: 12 months
Start: August 2022 (week 34)

  • 36% international students in programme
  • 92% of graduates employed within 3 months after graduation
  • Examples of your future job titles: Sustainability Consultant, ESG Financial Analyst, Sustainability Manager

MSc Global Business & Sustainability

Are you determined and passionate about creating robust sustainability solutions to the world’s toughest problems? In this master, you’ll learn how to embed sustainability into the core of business’ (international) operations, how new social enterprises are changing the face of industries, and how companies and NGOs can collaborate and partner to tackle societal grand challenges.

The curriculum focuses on how organisations can tackle grand societal challenges through high-learning engagement, for example seminars, presentations, critical discussions, and guest lectures.

You will:

  • understand organisations embedded within sustainable socio-ecological systems
  • learn tools and frameworks that enable applying knowledge to create sustainability solutions
  • challenge the current status-quo and critically ask ‘is this the way things should work?’
  • discover how all of this works in practice through our extensive alumni network of global changemakers including CEOs, governmental politicians, professors and social entrepreneurs.

Our courses are designed to provide you with knowledge, skills and attitude for meaningful careers in a new paradigm of business. For example, the Sustainability Grand Challenges core course sets you the task of creating new business solutions to tackle a real societal problem, and pitch it to a multi-stakeholder jury. Our elective portfolio is updated annually to reflect the fast-changing business sustainability landscape, and is closely connected with practice. For example, the elective Corporate Social Investment for Positive Change will ask you to provide guidance to real corporate social investors on the problems they are facing.


Your career

Your experiences from these courses can be applied directly in your career. We know that graduates who did the Climate Change Strategy Role-play elective have used their learnings to tackle the climate emergency in the renewable energy industry and for the United Nations.

GBS graduate not only go on to find careers that are incredibly meaningful to them, but also have a large positive impact on the world through corporate, non-profit and public sectors. Many alumni work as consultants or analysts on sustainability issues worldwide, for example in consulting, financial services, or sustainability, environmental or renewable services.


  • Real business challenges: engage with organisations striving to develop innovative strategies and business models that answer our global sustainability challenges.
  • Top-notch research and curriculum: explore the latest theoretical knowledge and ideas of sustainable business with the latest cutting-edge advancements of practice, and create your own new solutions. The master is part of a globally leading department dedicated to researching the ethics, responsibility and sustainability of organisations nested within society – which is taught directly in the master.
  • Core transferable skills: learn strong analytical and problem-solving skills – supported by interactive learning such as simulations, live business cases and role-plays – and develop interpersonal skills such as negotiation, presenting and working on interdisciplinary projects.
  • Strong student and alumni network: immerse yourself in a community of passionate people seeking impactful careers for positive societal change. Alumni stay closely connected to the programme and current students through events, guest lectures and company visits – this is a great way to discover how sustainability in business really works, and to meet likeminded people who can help you find projects and maybe even a job!

During the programme you will work collaboratively on campus and through in-company visits to tackle grand challenges and implement new circular and inclusive business models. You’ll also take a practical and critical approach to sustainability issues to form an understanding of how global firms can effectively manage their social and natural capital dependencies, and unlock new opportunities for competitive advantage. And you can join lots of interactive learning opportunities such as live business sustainability cases and problems, critical debates, international study trips, simulations, field visits and study clubs.

Is it right for me?

This programme is designed for ambitious young bachelor graduates who want to help tackle sustainability challenges facing business and society. Most GBS students already have a background in business, social or environmental studies, and want to deepen their knowledge in the field of sustainability and how organisations – profit and non-profit, in a broad range of sectors – can transform their current practices to become a positive change for good. You’ll fit right in if you:

  • are prepared to think critically about sustainability dilemmas
  • are willing and able to analyse complex ‘wicked problems’
  • desire systematic knowledge on managing for sustainability
  • want to learn professional skills to collaboratively create, scale and communicate sustainability solutions.


Jaimy Adriaanse (MSc Global Business & Sustainability 2020)

“It can be difficult for organisations to do business without harming the environment or society at large. RSM stands for high-quality education which will challenge you from time to time, but you will also get rewarded for all your hard work. This master – which is not offered by many universities – gives you an advantage compared to other graduates because of the combination of knowledge and skills in business and sustainability. Future employers are really looking for people like this to help their company thrive and become resilient for the future.”