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An alumnus' story
An alumnus' story  
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Your future career

More than 75 % of corporate recruiters have said the most important criteria in choosing graduates is whether or not they understand the social and environmental responsibilities of corporations. The MSc in GBS covers the responsibilities and agenda of every general and strategic manager within for-profit and non-profit organisations. As such, the programme prepares you for any position in which generalists are required. Our experience indicates that around 60% of our alumni got jobs in the private sector or founded their own company; 25% work for government; 15% for non-profit or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or have founded their own NGO.  

Orientation year for non-EEA graduates

Non-EEA graduates can remain in The Netherlands after graduation in order to find a job. Please read further to find out how this 'Orientation Year' works.







Positions held by some of our graduates

  • Corporate communications manager; manager of external relations 
  • International manager: managing relationships with international governmental authorities, estimating risk profiles for country investments, entry strategies, lobbying strategies and tax regimes 
  • Portfolio manager in public utilities corporations (water, energy)  
  • Product development: design and testing of new trademarks 
  • Entrepreneur: a number of graduates have set up their own business and/or NGO 
  • Journalist: investigative journalist at a number of international and national journals 
  • Controller/auditor in large multinational enterprise such as Akzo, DSM, or Shell checking for correct implementation of codes and governance principles 
  • Ethical investor: jobs at the largest institutional investors like PGGM or Robeco that are looking at ‘responsible investment’ 
  • CSR manager or ethics officer 
  • Consultant in a variety of areas: privatisation, public-private partnerships, development co-operation, ethical trading, forensic accounting and integrity.  
  • Policymaker for local and national ministries; Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs; Port of Rotterdam, provincial authorities; international organisations (Unctad, European Union, World Bank). 
  • Regulator: Researching in support of a variety of regulatory bodies in financial markets, telecommunication, competition policy, food safety and security. 
  • Professional manager in non-profit organisations such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International, labour organisations, Oxfam, Fair Trade organisations and the Red Cross.