Tirza Voss

Tirza Voss

Name                         : Tirza Voss
Current job title      : Private Sector Advisor at Terre des Hommes (March 2018)
Year of graduation : 2015
Nationality               : Dutch  

Why did you choose this MSc?
“After high school, I spent a lot of time travelling, working, and studying abroad to explore other countries and cultures. I enjoy learning from different perspectives, and felt that the International Management / CEMS master could give me further insights in how to successfully integrate different perspectives and how to bridge differences to create sustainable businesses.” How would you describe the programme and RSM? “I studied the International Business Administration bachelor at RSM so I was familiar with RSM’s international environment, the bright students in the programmes, and the high quality of work that is demanded. The IM/CEMS programme has all of these characteristics as well, in an even stronger form.”

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“My biggest challenge, but at the same time the most exciting and rewarding part of the programme was my exchange semester at the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta. Being part of the first batch of exchange students there, I had to get familiar with the programmes, requirements and the totally different (study) environment. Although I’d experienced working in different countries around the world before; this was not the same. The Indian experience was more extreme in every way. The courses were really interesting but required a very different study mode: a lot of quantity and another way of evaluating performance. I wrote my autobiography for the Management of Self course and was graded based on my self-reflection. Challenging. And insightful!”

What made the greatest impression?
“The whole CEMS experience in itself made a great impression on me. I enjoyed participating in international CEMS events such as the career forum in Vienna, the Climate Change UNFCCC role play in Budapest, annual events in Brussels and St. Petersburg, a CEMS meet-up in Dublin, and various events organised by the CEMS Club committees. Throughout and after the programme you are sure you meet with other CEMSies and have many reunions wherever in the world you are.”

At which company are you currently employed?
“I currently work as a Private Sector Advisor at Terre des Hommes. Terre des Hommes is an international children's rights organisation (NGO) that works towards a world free of child exploitation. In my role, I advice businesses on sustainable supply chain management and human & children's rights due diligence. Through my engagement with the private sector I try to influence CSR policies and practises and create cross-sector partnerships.”

How did your studies at RSM shape your career?
“In addition to the theoretical knowledge learned in the master, I think most valuable were all the practical and personal lessons learned. RSM provided me not only with a broad knowledge on business and management, but also how to communicate, how to leverage strengths in a team, how to include all stakeholders, how to critically assess your options, to carefully analyse alternatives and to grasp opportunities.”

What are your future plans?
“I’ve always believed that sustainable business practices are the only way forward. My plan for the future is therefore to inspire businesses to create a positive impact for people and planet in a profitable way, and to support the implementation of these long-term, sustainable strategies.”