The selection for IM/CEMS is very competitive so it's important that applicants are well prepared for the selection process. The selection consists of the following phases:


  • For information about the CEMS programme and the partner schools, visit the CEMS website and check the official CEMS videos. You can also talk to current students of the programme.

    Famialize yourself with the admissions requirements, including the CEMS specific Lanuage Requirements

    Apply on time! Application starts on the 1st of October and closes on the 31st of January. 


  • Ranking based on minimum requirements

    After the 31 January application deadline all complete applications will be evaluated and scored. However you are advised to submit your application as early as possible so that the RSM Admissions Office can evaluate your eligiblity and notify you of any missing documentation.

    Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be scored based on their:

    • GPA (applies for applicants from Dutch research universities)
    • or GMAT (applies for applicants from non-Dutch research universities)
    • and language abilities (if you submit a language test or course result which exceeds the minimum requirement, you will receive additional points)

    Motivation and CV are not included in the evaluation or the first selection. 

    Approximately 100 applicants with the highest scores based on their language abilities, GPA or GMAT, will be invited for the online interview. Your exact rank will not be communicated. 

    The average GPA of the top 100 ranked students in 2019 was 8.1 and the average GMAT score 690.

  • The Interview is conducted by the RSM Admissions Office.


    • The interview will focus on your motivation to participate in the programme as well as two key CEMS competencies: initiative taking and result orientation. 
    • This online interview is conducted using the RIVS platform.
    • The interview is not live, so you can answer the questions at your convenience from anywhere in the world.
    • You'll be able to familiarize yourself with the RIVS system before recording your answers.
    • A specific deadline for when the interview must be completed, will be communicated.
    • Your answers should be formulated using the "STAR" interview method.
  • After the interviews have been evaluated, the Admissions Office will make a final ranking of the applicants.

    This ranking is based on the scores from the first selection round (GPA/GMAT and language proficiency) and the total score obtained from the interview.

    Students will be notified of the outcome of the selection procedure, including the allotted exchange destination as soon as possible. Approximately 70 students will be selected for the programme and receive a (conditional) offer of admission. The allocated exchange destination and semester will also be communicated together with the offer (more information is listed in the next section).

    Applicants who participated in the second selection round but did not make the final selection will be offered admission to our other MSc programmes. 

    Be aware: Formal admission to the MSc IM/CEMS will only take place after the applicant has received an unconditional offer of admission. All of the conditions listed in the letter of admission must be fulfilled before the applicant is allowed to begin the IM/CEMS master. If the applicant has failed to meet any of the conditions listed by 31 August, the offer of admission will be withdrawn.

  • All students in the IM/CEMS programme complete one semester at one of the CEMS partner schools.

    During the application process, applicants are asked to indicate their top 12 preference of the CEMS partner school(s) they would like to attend for exchange. The listing is done when filling in the Online Application Form (OLAF). When receiving an offer of admission for the IM/CEMS programme, you will also be informed of the exchange destination and semester you have been allocated. 

    Exchange slots per school, however, are limited. This means that students applying for popular destinations may not be selected for their first choice, but instead for their second, third, or other preferred school. Applicants with higher gradest and interview results will have better chances for selection for their preferred destination. Therefore a specific exchange destination should not be your main reason for choosing the IM/CEMS programme.

    In addition, the following guidelines will be followed:

    • It's preferred that external (non-RSM) applicants spend the fall semester at RSM, to allow these students to experience student life at RSM and in Rotterdam first, prior to going on exchange. 

    • Exchange is  not possible to the applicants country of origin or the country of undergraduate studies/bachelor programme. 
    • It is not possible to change or negotiate your exchange destinations after the selection.

    Information on the CEMS partner schools can be found on

  • All applicants who have been selected for participation in the IM/CEMS programme must confirm acceptance of the offer within seven days to the Admissions Office.

    Upon confirmation MSc Programme Management will send the students' nominations to the CEMS partner universities.

    Admitted IM/CEMS students will also be responsible for a separate CEMS-specific €100 registration and handling fee. This fee is entirely separate from tuition that is paid to EUR/RSM. Students will receive further payment instructions directly from the CEMS Global Office.

    Are you a current RSM student? 

    • If you are not selected for the IM/CEMS programme butmeet all of the requirements for the regular International Master Exchange Programme you will still be eligible to apply for regular master exchange.
    • The deadlines for master exchange nomination for most partner schools is 1 May, so students are advised to submit a complete master exchange application before mid-April. For more information on master exchange, please contact: Linda de Vries, Head of International Office (
    • IM/CEMS applicants who are offered admission to the programme but decline their offer are not eligible for participation in the regular International Exchange Programme.