Your future career

Your future career

RSM’s MSc International Management/CEMS programme provides excellent preparation for your international management career. Evidence shows that graduates obtain good jobs.

Alumni from all CEMS schools in 2014 showed that CEMS graduates find jobs quickly and the skills we teach at RSM – plus the international networking aspect of our programme – really work:

  • 95% employed within three months of graduation
  • 80% work for a multinational company
  • 50% work outside their home country
  • Almost 40% of CEMS graduates work for a CEMS Corporate Partner
  • 98% would recommend their CEMS experience to a friend

You will graduate with skills needed to adapt to changing environments; alumni have told us this helps them in earning promotions. Their average annual salary is more than €48,000 per year.

RSM graduates stand out

RSM alumni are even more international than the average CEMS graduate, quicker to find jobs, and earn more than the average for CEMS graduates.

  • 97% employed within three months of graduation
  • 58% work outside their home country
  • 84% work for a multinational corporation

Our programme gives you the skills to be able to work in a wide variety of industry sectors. CEMS graduates work in:

  • Management Consulting 27%
  • Technology 16%
  • Consumer goods 14%
  • Financial 11%
  • Energy 4%

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