Nadine Kooiker

Nadine Kooiker

Name                                     : Nadine Kooiker
Current job title                  : global consumer marketing manager (trainee) at Philips
Year of graduation             : 2015
Nationality                           : Dutch 

Why did you choose this MSc?
“RSM gave me all the opportunities to investigate my interests and to develop myself in the direction that I wanted. After my BSc in International Business Administration, I did a sustainability internship at Heineken and a marketing internship at Unilever. I realised I really enjoyed marketing as a profession due to its diversity, challenge and the combination of working strategically yet creatively. I also have a great passion for sustainability. In the master I chose an elective in sustainability, and tailored my thesis to this topic. Beforehand, I’d heard really good stories about the master and the quality of the professors. On top of that, RSM has a great international reputation, which all in all gives me the right equipment to get the job that I want.”  

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“There are core programmes about consumer behaviour and about marketing strategy, combined with research courses underpinning both topics that are of great help for your thesis later. I found both courses extremely useful and interesting, and I still notice that the course contents come in handy in my current job. After these core courses, you have the freedom to choose the electives that you are most interested in, offering a personalised solution to your curiosities and ambitions.”

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“Before the programme, I was a bit 'scared' of the research courses as I thought these were not my strongest qualities. Indeed, it was tough, and it was my biggest challenge to overcome. But you’re really guided step by step, with theoretical and practical help. In the end, I was super happy and proud as I completed the research courses with very good grades. My main message here is to not underestimate yourself or the help you are able to get when you need it. Great determination, teamwork, dedication and discipline will lead you to your desired successes.”

What made the greatest impression?
“All courses are extremely well-taught. RSM’s education is really of the highest calibre. The teachers are the biggest influencers in how much I enjoyed this programme. RSM also offers the most talented and motivated students in the MSc programme, and a challenging extra-curricular programme in marketing research and practice. This was great fun and very interesting: we had company visits at Nike, Heineken and Philips. Also, renowned speakers from both the academic and business world gave us great insights and tips. I can highly recommend this programme!”  

How did your studies at RSM shape your career?
“My studies at RSM strengthened my critical thinking, and strategic and creative marketing skills. It provided me with a thorough management foundation followed up by a specialised marketing education that gave me the right ingredients to land my first job and excel in my career. It shaped me to combine fact-based analysis with creative solutions.”     

What are your future plans?
“As a marketing management trainee I’m doing a two-to-three-year programme in which I will fulfil two or three challenging assignments. As a global consumer marketing manager in hair care at Philips, I oversee promotions and exclusive product development for Philips Worldwide, including strategy creation and proposition creation such as limited editions, gift packs, and travel editions. In the near future I would like to use my marketing experience for marketing communications and digital marketing. Or perhaps something else, there is so much to discover!”