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An alumnus' story
An alumnus' story  
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Your future career

Our graduates all learned a proactive attitude towards work, and in practice, all our graduates find a job quickly. Even better, their proactive and hands-on mentality enables them to create their own perfect job, either by starting a business of their own, or to find high-autonomy jobs in emergent, high-growth businesses, or entrepreneurial corporate organizations. In a recent survey of our alumni in the past ten years, we found four typical career patterns.

Career perspectives in high-growth/entrepreneurial corporate organisations

About 32% of our graduates is engaged with a small but high-growth organisations, also known as challenger firms. They typically have jobs related to business growth and development (e.g., business developer, account manager,  project manager). In parallel with the growth of their business, they manage to develop their own career in a leading role. Firms such as NEDAP and Mendix for example hired RSM alumni for business development positions that demand a combination of entrepreneurial competence and entrepreneurial drive. 

About 25% works for larger, corporate organisations. These are mostly organisations known for their entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude towards high-autonomy, proactive employees (e.g., Google, NXP, Facebook). Our graduates are well-qualified to help established companies rejuvenate and grow by developing and building new business. Corporate recruiters highly value the ability of our graduates to act on opportunities for new business.

Career perspectives in Entrepreneurship

Next, about 21% started and still runs a business of their own. We are proud of the many companies that our alumni have initiated and grown. Examples include ( and Senz Umbrellas ( Every year several students and alumni realize their entrepreneurial dreams by starting their own ventures – usually with fellow RSM students and in most cases with the objective of continuing to build the business after graduation.

Finally, a miscellaneous group has become active in the business of their family members, or works in a consultancy or expert role to support small and medium-sized enterprises. These include management consultancy firms, venture capitalists and investment banks.

You can read more about our graduates and their career progress from their LinkedIn profiles.

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Orientation year for non-EEA graduates

Non-EEA graduates can remain in The Netherlands after graduation in order to find a job. Please read further to find out how this 'Orientation Year' works.