Why this programme?

Why this programme?

The MSc in Strategic Management programme is a broadly applicable and highly marketable qualification that delivers indispensable insights which can be used to develop the strategic direction of an organisation. It is designed to prepare you for a future role as organisational leader or senior manager, and achieves this with an in-depth focus on three key managerial activities: Strategic Analysis, Strategy Formulation & Strategy Implementation.

Key features of the programme:
  • International Orientation: Virtually all aspects of this programme have an international flavour: the faculty, the students, the course content in terms of geographic diversity, global management and internationalisation strategies, and ultimately, your career prospects on graduation.


  • Internationally-recognised faculty: The Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship department is widely acclaimed as one of the leading strategy departments in the world. The combined experience of its members ensures the department produces both cutting-edge research and a premium programme for students.


  • Practice rooted in scientific knowledge: For successful management in profit and non-profit organisations, the programme arms students with concepts and tools rooted in theory and empirical evidence. Learn the theories and empirical findings to frame, analyse and solve challenges in complex organisations.

The MSc in Strategic Management programme is delivered by one of Europe’s leading strategy departments and combines first-hand research insights with an extensive international business network and student-centred teaching methods to bring you an unbeatable start to your career.

Graduates of this programme enjoy a competitive advantage in the international job market thanks to its comprehensive coverage of the strategic management field, and the scope it provides for the development of strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills. Expect to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of international careers.

Our Students

Our students are typically ambitious, dynamic, intelligent and motivated individuals looking for a programme with both qualitative and quantitative elements. They are eager to learn, curious, possess the ability to work long and hard; and can listen and appreciate the ideas of others and clearly articulate their own opinions and approaches.
Given our department’s international orientation, an increasing number of our students come from outside the Netherlands, resulting in a dynamic, multicultural learning environment.